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alessandra durastanti

In a special interview Alessandra Durastanti, CEO e designer of Kinda 3D Swimwear, tells us about her exclusive brand. Swimsuits that revolutionize this garment, making it synonymous with tailoring and uniqueness. In an engaging dialogue we discover a world with her. A new world. Made of research, passion, art, attention to detail, femininity and… a lot of beauty!

Kinda 3D Swimwear, do you want to reveal the meaning of your brand name? Why 3D?

“The decision to create a line of swimwear to wear even after sunset, stems from the desire to experiment with an ancient sewing technique (the” Fabric Manipulation “), which has always been used by the best couturiers in the world to create three-dimensional decorations on structured clothes, which I had the opportunity to appreciate thanks to my previous job as brand manager for the perfume division Alexander McQueen, one of the greatest masters of this ancient three-dimensional sewing technique. The challenge of Kinda 3D Swimwear (here is revealed why we the “3D” in the name!) was to apply the “Fabric Manipulation” to elastic fabrics creating swimwear to be worn as jewelry, precisely because they are decorated with delicate three-dimensional applications: a small revolution in the world of swimwear!”

Swimwear, a world to discover. What led you to choose this product category?

“I was born on the shores of Lake Bracciano, I have a boat license and I spend a lot of time on the boat (both at the sea and at the lake). Creating costumes was therefore a rather natural choice, although I do not like to define my garments exclusively “swimwear”. In fact, in the name and DNA of my brand I wanted to summarize the versatility of the garments that I design: Kinda (“kainda” bed) is the American slang of kind of and means “practically”, because mine are basically costumes, but just look at them to understand that they are much more. Wearable from day to night (and vice versa), they are also perfect combined with jeans or a long skirt. Our motto is “Exclusive bikinis, not exclusively bikinis!”

The creation and production processes of your bikinis make your design a high-end and quality product. Where are your creations made?

“Proudly in Italy! In Kinda 3D Swimwear we have made our craftsmanship and tailoring made in Italy our mantra. The choice of making haute couture swimwear handmade in Italy stems from the desire to create unique products that stand out from the crowd for their intrinsic value and not for amazing marketing campaigns. My experience in fashion has taught me that there are no excesses when it comes to quality. Those who choose one of our swimsuits do so for tailoring details and because they want to have a precious high fashion garment in their bikinis collection, a unique piece, precisely because it is handmade in Italy. Our bikinis know how to recognize and appreciate the quality of a haute couture garment, which is why they fall in love with our swimwear. The most frequent compliment we receive is precisely the quality of our bikinis!”

Beauty and functionality: what features are inevitable in a Kinda swimsuit? And which swimsuit should never be missing in every woman’s wardrobe?

“I founded Kinda 3D Swimwear with the aim of seeing the women wearing my creations smile. When I design a bikini, I imagine it worn by every type of woman, with different physique and without distinction of age. For this I use plain colors with soft colors (inspired by nature), very soft microfibre (because I love comfortable things) and invisible seams, which make Kinda3D Swimwear bikinis like a second skin. That’s why in every woman’s wardrobe there should never be a swimsuit that is beautiful and pleasant to wear, so that you can spend a whole day there and feel beautiful and elegant even after sunset. ”

What message do you want to launch with your brand? And to all the women who choose your bikinis?

“I would like the women who wear Kinda 3D Swimwear to feel unique and original, like my creations. Behind each of our bikinis there is a team of expert seamstresses who patiently and passionately pack every single garment by hand, making it unique, like each of us. I believe that a dress (or a bathing suit) that helps us to feel beautiful, and perhaps more self-confident, is a gift that we all deserve.”

Your bikinis are so special, tailored, that they can be worn on multiple occasions. How would you recommend to combine them?

“All Kinda 3D Swimwear bikinis are designed to be combined with a skirt or soft trousers, for a cocktail on the beach or a poolside party. In the S/S 2020 collection we have introduced the line of tulle skirts combined with our bikinis, to create a super glamorous total beach look!”

Kinda 3D Swimwear, tomorrow?

“We are working to ensure that Kinda 3D Swimwear is present all over the world through selected retailers and, why not, some flagship stores. It is a process that requires time and careful evaluations, since for me it is essential that Kinda 3D Swimwear remains an artisan company, a banner of Made in Italy in the world.”

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