Interview with Luisa Tratzi | all starts…from the shoes!

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Luisa Tratzi with two sandals from her collection

Design, fashion and femininity: her creations are a true tribute to contemporary Art. In an exclusive interview Luisa Tratzi recounts to us her long journey, made up of many steps and many…shoes!

It can’t be said that your shoes don’t leave their mark, or rather their footprint. A beautiful footprint. What has fashion brought to your life? “My great love for projects and creation brought me to study Fashion & Textile design at the NABA in Milan, where I drew closer and closer to the fashion world, exploring the various areas such as clothing. But in the end the shoe won: after having curated an important show, I decided to found my brand of footwear. Starting from 0, I immersed and applied myself into all the technical and creative phases for the long and complex production process.”

Aesthetic, comfort, function: behind your “micro-architectures”, so much research has been carried out regarding shapes and materials. What are your main sources of inspiration? “In reality my inspiration comes from various places, from Architecture without a doubt, but also from Nature. I like to mix elements together, even those that are very different to one another, in this way creating unique combinations. In my latest collection “Mediterranean Sound”, the models were inspired by the works of Ron Arad, and particularly by the Design Museum Holon and the colours of the Amalfi coast that range from the coolness of blue to warm colours like fucsia or orange.”

All Luisa Tratzi footwear is made in Italy, correct? “Yes, of course. Every single element is made in Italy: the leather, the metal parts, the heels, the soles…all of the production is done by hand and located in the renominated district of Vigevano in Lombardy.”

Geometric heels, feminine silhouettes and excellent quality. What type of woman chooses Luisa Tratzi? “I work primarily with the idea of creating footwear with distinctive and captivating design; therefore my shoes are chosen by independent women who are attentive to details, who are definitely not scared to be daring and express their personalities.”

And your favourite piece? “Hmm…the Lollipop. A sandal that in its shape references the rainbow and is characterised by a “spring” cylindrical heel with horizontal slots that create a joyful, cheerful effect.”

Can you enlighten us about anything for the future? Any projects in the works? “I’m always working more towards widening my collections, expanding especially the heights of the heels. In addition I’d like to add to my shoe collections a line of bags too.” For info and contact

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