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PROGRAMMA, that is exactly how the young brand we had the pleasure of discovering some time ago is called. A halo of mystery surrounds this brand, which in its simple but curious name is really a whole … PROGRAMMA!

One of the founders & designers spoke to us and talked about this label in an interview, an actual project that finds some of its strengths in the made in Italy, in the avant-garde and in eco-sustainability. In addition to a clear and recognizable style, that with composure does not hesitate to be noticed.

No photos, no faces, no details: only two hands moving anxiously and a voice that passionately tells a story. The story, the history of PROGRAMMA.

PROGRAM, a very unusual name for a brand. Intrigues, it creates … mystery! “Yes, we are a collective and we want to remain anonymous. This is why this sort of anonymity, unknown … Our project is characterized by a continuous flow of ideas, channeled from a decision-making process; as a code that becomes an integral part of the brand identity.”

What is the philosophy that moves and shakes PROGRAMMA? “We are certainly bound and oriented towards an eco-sustainable supply chain, pursued in every part of the production process, such as innovation, care and selection of materials and fabrics. Thanks to the high quality and the precious materials used, the garments are destined to last over time”.

How could you describe the style of the brand in a few words? “It is an eco sustainable and stylistically minimal menswear; a sophisticated design that joins together with the Italian craftsmanship. A new, fresh, contemporary tailoring with attention down to the last detail. A balance that oscillates between classic lines and a lifestyle that refers to the subculture.”

What makes you so unique? “We try to do with determination and passion what we like and do it in the best way, being therefore careful to carry on a sustainable production process.”

And tomorrow? Do you have future projects? “Step by step! Definitely be present and be consistent with what we are and what we do“. For info & contact

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