Italian Fashion Talent Awards | contest for young designers

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Italian Fashion Talent Awards, aspiring fashion designers and new promises made in Italy what are you waiting for?Italian Fashion Talent Awards is looking for you. After the first successful edition, the national fashion competition for young designers organized by JCLab Srl returns to bring the creativity out.

Born in southern Italy, Italian Fashion Talent Awards promotes and supports the ideas of emerging designers, enhancing the territory from its resources, aiming to build a production and attraction pole. In search of innovation, Italian Fashion Talent Awards is a unique opportunity, a catwalk of exchange and synergies between designers of tomorrow and affirmed industry leaders. The inspiration for the candidates in the competition is the specially created mood board Metamorphosis. The change and transformation, the desire to see the world always from different eyes and points of view, will be the track from which to start, from which to sew the woman or man look freely realized. According to its own spirit, according to its own style. All Italian talents and non-Italian talents who live in Italy, graduates from Public or Private Institutes of Design, Fashion and Modeling, University of Fashion and Academies may participate. A commission of professionals will evaluate the sketches sent by individual designers, who will have time until October 16, 2017 to send their own material.

In the second phase, the selected will enter the actual contest, a gala event that will take place in Salerno on December 17, 2017. In front of an important jury of professionals, the chosen designers will present their designed looks. Awarded the first prize of 1500 euros, offered by Confartigianato Salerno, the Award for Modeling, the Innovation Award, the Critics Prize, the New Generation Prize, the Best Proposed Male Prize, the Elegance Award. More than an event, more than a stage, more than a springboard … Italian Fashion Talent Awards : start from Talent, start from the South, start from Creating. For info

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