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Jacopo Ridolfi: once upon a time … and but no! This story begins in a different way. White leathers, hand-painted one by one, cut, assembled by hand. The difference here, the quality that makes the shoes handmade Jacopo Ridolfi until the last seam. No industrial process or the easiest ploy but a constant attention to detail and quality.

Born in 2015, the brand Jacopo Ridolfi already hides in its name a heritage of the family. Nicoletta in fact started to work and to know the shoe in all its nuance in 1957, working as a factory worker in the footwear district of Verona. The secrets of his trade are passed down, then kept and elaborated in a new project, a brand capable of giving a contemporary twist to historical icons of the shoe world. The classic Oxford and the timeless Derby are now reinterpreted in new color combinations, suedes and not, glossy or matte finishes, never leaving the good canons of Made in Italy.

The main inspiration comes from nature, from the wood and its veins, faithfully reproduced through the sought after coloration of the skin, which follows the shape of the shoe, and not the opposite. The icing on the cake? The wooden box created by craftsmen in which include brush with soft silks and delicate cream. A true style cuddles … or better footprint. Jacopo Ridolfi. For info jacoporidolfi.it

Giulia Fucile

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