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Kaleos Eyehunters, the dynamic and young eyewear brand that winks at the fashion, and not only, will present in exclusive, in the avant-garde store Ottica iSee, all the latest novelty. In a mix of fashion, design and art, Kaleos Eyehunters conquers everyone’s eyes and does so with its exclusive frames with a unique design. [URIS id=18397] From the most minimal lines to the strongest colors, Kaleos Eyehunters satisfies all attitudes, tastes and desires. Traditionalists, eccentrics, fashion addicts or lovers of simple things, Kaleos Eyehunters offers a very wide collection of glasses, from the most classic and conventional, for those who like to be modern but discreet, to those more extravagant for new trendsetters and eccentric lovers . And for this reason, Ottica iSee has chosen it as one of its flagship brands, recognizing the creative ferment that characterizes it. Based in Barcelona, composed of a fresh and constantly evolving team, always attentive to research and modernity, Kaleos Eyehunters stands out for the impeccable balance between originality, high quality, right price.

Attentive not only to the materials and trends, the creators of this emerging brand have, in fact, wanted to make even the price one of their winning cards, committing themselves very much in creating a good product at the right cost. Hunter of inspirations, seducer of looks, the brand Kaleos Eyehunters alternates angular and futuristic shapes to retro creations to enhance any type of face, to interpret different personalities, to allow the wearer to express themselves … because you know, the eyes (and glasses!) are the mirror of the soul.

From the absolute protagonism of the Star model, to the circumscribed roundness of Radley, from the seductive retro flavor of the Wood model to the interlocking games between full and empty by Lund, we end up in the refinement of forms in Newsome passing through the apparent lightness of Ferguson. At this point the choice would be difficult if we did not say that these are just some of the many models, each declined in many variations … in short, to lose your mind! Kaleos Eyehunters glasses, fun, colorful and really cool surprise us with a new point of view! Discover and experience the new capsule collection Kaleos Eyehunters on June 17th exclusively for you at the store Ottica iSee.

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