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Khàrm design is the result of deep and continuous research that has brought jewellery to be projected and represented in a new way. Affiliated with a contemporary taste, Khàrm Design explores and reaches its own style through experimental materials, while traditional techniques combine with new technology like laser and 3D printing. Virtuous in shape and colour but so surprisingly light: Carmela Barbato with her emerging made in Italy brand established in 2014, is able to create different pieces of jewellery all starting from their particular concept. Aesthetically beautiful, yes, but with well-studied details and comfortable to wear.

Class of 1986 from Caserta, Carmela Barbato’s training began with a major in Industrial Design for Fashion, followed by a Master’s in Design for Innovation. A wealth of experience further enriched her professionalism: jobs in the Costume field, her collaboration with the Department of Architecture and Design in the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” as an expert in design materials and research activities, her awards and special mentions in the contexts of jewellery competitions, in addition to writing about Art and jewellery for online magazines and her own blog.

“There doesn’t exist a term to describe my relationship with jewellery: project, research, writing.”

The passion, curiosity and love that push Carmela every day to invent exclusive accessories can be identified in the beauty and uniqueness typical of Khàrm Design. Naples, the strong connection that the designer has with the territory and its traditions, but also the rest of the world and its different cultures, travels: all that one sees can be read in compositions that see jewellery evolve and change in a new way. Art, culture and nature mix together in a continuous dialogue between the human being and three-dimensional space. Stereotypes get broken, the line between precious and non-precious surpassed. In the name of eclectic and sinuous jewellery. Khàrm is the etymological studio under the name of Carmela, that derives from the Hebrew Chàrmel “Garden”. And her jewellery is really the garden in which one can lose themselves among connecting shapes and bright colours: sculptures, small works of Art that dress the body, moving in harmony with it.

Lightness, dream, seduction, mystery. The ancient charm, but always modern of the Far East. The uncontaminated places, the pure scent of nature, the ethereal atmosphere, the looks. These are the elements that inspire the Ginco Collection. The Ginkgo Biloba, symbol of eternal rebirth is here suspension of time and space, the strength of immortality, the incessant desire for rebirth typical of the human being, of falling and getting up again, never tired of starting again. They exude inspiration and elegance, novelty and refinement, sophisticated sensuality and malice, seduction and femininity.

The Mythos Collection is born, instead, from a legend. Naples, pearl of the Mediterranean, wants its foundation and its morphology to be linked to the Greek mythology of the Siren Parthenope. Three mermaids, three sisters. Partenope, the most beautiful and wise of the three, from its rock, where today stands the marvelous and historic Palace Donn’Anna, watched and admired the entire Gulf of Naples. The Legend has it that, rejected by Ulysses, according to the Homeric Opera, desperate lets itself go among the waves of the sea until it dies on the rock where today Castel dell’Ovo rises.

An unmistakable creativity of Khàrm Design celebrated with the well-known GIO-SOTICI,  limited edition earrings, designed in 2018 to “Redefine the Jewel VII”, won the special Let’s Feel Good Milano Awards. The imagery explored is Egypt, its exotic places, the natural colors, the green of the flora and the orange of the endless hot sunsets. A sounding jewel. Joyful and playful, that tells of camels in the immensity of the desert, small and characteristic straw huts, majestic palms. Simplicity and the uncontaminated. The mystery, the thousand and one nights. Silver becomes a mirror in which a new face is reflected, with the same soul. The elements, like puzzle pieces, overlap in a play of colors and movement, I see and I don’t see. To purchase Khàrm Design jewels click HERE.

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