Kilesa | all the Italian elegance in one bag

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Never banal, never predictable, just like the women who wear them on their arms. Kilesa bags contain in their minimal design and their iconic shapes an exclusive and refined Italian luxury.

From the choice of leathers, always and only of first quality, to the savoir-faire of the Neapolitan artisans who make them, Kilesa bags are the result of a beauty made of color, trend but also of timeless elegance. Tradition and innovation, past and future, dreaming and creating: in this brand with an Italian soul, versatility establishes new balances. In Kilesa’s creative process there is certainly environmental protection, respect for natural resources, the enhancement of the territory and raw materials.

Born in 2014 from the inspiration and professionalism of manager Bianca Imbembo, Kilesa has its roots in Southern Italy, in its land, rich in art, craftsmanship and inspirations. Her contemporary femininity, her typically Italian and refined style, the grit of a modern elegance have immediately distinguished Kilesa creations. Beautiful, comfortable, multi-functional, in short, perfect for keeping everything we need, everything we are (secrets included) in their various and many models.

But let’s find out more about this brand so fascinating that for its name it draws inspiration from oriental philosophy. Courage, strength, free spirit guide Kilesa and its world, its way of facing the mental obstacles that we encounter every day on our path in an attempt to reach a set goal.

Kilesa is a tribute to women, to their strength, to their ability to succeed, to emerge amidst difficulties, to recharge and regenerate themselves anyway and everywhere, to shine with beauty and personality. And the lotus flower, the symbol of the brand, wants to convey this message.

From maxi to micro, from variations in must-have colors such as black, white or leather to brighter tones, Kilesa bags are the perfect accessory for all women looking for something exclusive. As unique as theirs. What are you waiting for? Discover and choose your new Kilesa bag!

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