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Our favorite shirt, those jeans that we wear when we want to go without fail (of style!), That jacket that we love so much … Often the clothes are our faithful allies, they make us feel good, they enhance what we like most. But what happens when it comes to bikinis? Is it easy to find a product that is beautiful and comfortable at the same time?

Until some time ago I would have said no, then Kinda 3D Swimwear arrived. A brand of swimwear too. Her exclusive creations are born (and succeed) with the aim of being worn at multiple times of the day. By enhancing the natural beauty of the body, they enhance the different physicalities, expressing a fresh and contemporary femininity with class

Kinda 3D Swimwear was born from the project of Alessandra Durastanti, designer and CEO of the brand, who after a long experience as a brand manager for renowned fashion brands has decided to give space to creativity and found her own company. Born on Lake Bracciano, the choice of the product, of the swimsuit, was natural. A natural evolution.

And the name? The word Kinda, in American jargon stands for kind of, “practically”, (because yes they are costumes but also much more), it joins the 3D in the name and workmanship of the brand. An ancient handmade sewing technique that allows you to give fabrics the third dimension in space, the fabric manipulation typically used in haute couture, now comes from the brand applied to elastic fabrics with a surprising result.

Sophisticated, romantic, precious in the details and in the decorations, the bikinis and swimsuits of this emerging brand, certainly to be noted, are an excellent example of made in Italy. Alessandra inspires two worlds, which coexist with style and harmony in Kinda 3D Swimwear. Pastel colors, petals, ruffles come from Nature, its shapes and shades, while the names and personalities of the models look to the music.

The California Dreaming spring summer 2020 collection finds themes to start from in the colors of the Californian desert and in the two famous Coachella and Burning Man festivals. Gold, military green … nature reveals itself in its sensuality while music plays rock notes. Femininity manages to be delicate but daring, with glitter details and 3D handmade tulle. What are you waiting for? Discover Kinda 3D Swimwear!

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