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Kreisicouture: trendy up over your hair … or hats. If the thing that matters most is what you have in your head, then Kreisicouture it is the brand for you. Small masterpieces from the eclectic and multifaceted where elegance blends now irony, the contemporary.

The hat and its history meet the inspiration of Krisztina Reisini, Hungarian-born designer who, as of this icon, gives life to a brand, Kreisicouture, made of ideas to wear, art thinking. Lived in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris after so much traveling she finds her home, her creative base in Milano, where she makes the most of what passes for… the head.

Hats, caps: in every when and every where, Krisztina could find and always win the best accessory, adding to her extensive collection. And from here the intuition, the lighting that has turned her hobby into a job, a profession mania. Create hats, look after them from design to construction. Just like an artist does with his works, his creatures. Her haute couture collections capture the attention, they affect the eye and soon led Krisztina establish important collaborations with big names in the fashion industry, as Stefano Pilati for Yves Saint Laurent, Borsalino and eventually opened in 2014 her first corner in the atelier of Antonio Riva in Milano. Flowers, 70s pompons, bows.

At each hat its single detail, every hat its own character. Unique just like those who will show off. Precious materials, fine and used as valuable paintings where release unbridled fantasy, hungry for imagination even before the trend. The sophisticated Gamine inspired by the gondolier’s hat, the divine Susy dedicated to the charm of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, headbands Puffy for a witty and eccentric touch. But not only. And if you believe that we need to be real queens to wear one, you are mistaken. Choose what you like, wear it … and get ready to leave it on the head! For info

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