LĀU | a femininity that leaves its mark!

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Imagination, observation, and idea are just some of the most adopted synonyms of the word thought in our vocabulary and…they are also synonyms of LĀU, the brand that makes reflection and reasoning its hallmark.

The ironic gaze of the #LĀUMETRY is no longer that unknown (do you remember? Take a look here), especially to those who have been able to recognize in the mold of its creations a dialogue, an evolution.

With the new Fall Winter 2019-20 collection, each variable has found its function. The Formula is the name by which the new creations born from the hand of the Roman designer Lisa Anderlini are presented. Way more than a few drops of black ink on a piece of paper, The Formula is a concept, it is a philosophy as well as the synthesis of the aesthetics of the brand. The latter tenaciously preserves the geometric and essential properties that have distinguished it since its debut, revealing an intuition out of the ordinary, garment after garment.

A new interpretation of modern femininity is therefore presented, whose manifesto dictates oversized volumes and lengths, bright and pop colors, minimal and reasoned cuts but above all a lot of self-irony. 

The circle, a recurring graphic, breaks the conventional patterns of the classic sweatshirt, creating contrasts between intense and full colors and colder ones. The OO DRESS represents the ideal formula in which versatility and personality are synthesized in a casual but refinde style. Creativity, practicality and elegance cohabit in every piece. An example? Ellen, the chemisier dress, an essential passe-partout in anyone’s wardrobe. 

LĀU suggests a contemporary conceptual aesthetic of streetwear, a sporty-chic with a pop soul that resonates greedily in the basic garments she reinterpreted. Its unmistakable style is the result of the perfect interlocking between color and shape, all the ingredients make the formula after all. 

In the new collection, the female identity is told simultaneously by two harmonious narrative voices: the clean design of the silhouettes is combined with irreverent prints bearing the signature of Ellen Rutt, multidisciplinary artist who boasts installations around the world. In this collaboration it is clear that the linguistic register adopted is the same: the movement and the architecture, the use of a color palette that ranges from delicate shades to primary colours, the meticulous geometries and reasoned designs.

The Formula, that is the most elegant mathematical formula, which combines complex and essential elements with charm and constancy, evolves captivating ideas in clothes to show off with personality. What are you waiting for? Discover the latest U creations!

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