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LĀU,the fashion equation. Empty as opposed to full, substance aligned with exteriority, deep blacks in the background of eclectic bright colours: the brand returns to amaze with a Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

In the peculiar design of Lisa Anderlini, creative genius of the maison, every dogma or preconception spread like wildfire is subtracted and declined to intuition and search for those signs taken for granted, considered superfluous. Whether it is a square or the succession of scrupulous lines, everything is calibrated in its infinite millimeters of fine fabric to give voice to a powerful femininity; not because it is ostentatious with seductive embroidery or novelized silhouettes, but because it is provocative and challenging in its audacity, in its power to tell the story of being a woman without falling into proliths stereotypes.

The woman is dressed in sharpened self-irony among the geometries that intersect in the unconventional style of LĀU. Observe, break and assemble… The designer studies beauty from unexplored angles, shatters certainties and makes the unknown her mantle.

The colours are her words while cuts and forms a composition in completely new verses. From season to season the suggestions change but the brand remains true to its identity. Maxi chemisier with soft volumes complete the spectrum of a femininity composed of mini comfy dresses, oversized arrangements of male imprint without giving up touches of pink and pearls. Superb colorblocking accompanied by meticulous vertical stripes and generous polka dot waterfalls…

Tutti Frutti, this is the name of the new SS 20 collection. It nourishes the desire for beauty and refinement thanks to a mastery strictly made in Italy. With the cockiness of those who have curiosity in their eyes, LĀU becomes becomes spokesman of a graceful urban taste despite the extravagant joints of colour, interprets a comfortable and versatile fashion through architecture that falls softly on the body.

The aesthetics of the brand are synonymous with interlocking, combinations and aggregation of thoughts, philosophies and arts. The latest drop sees the collaboration with Lisa Congdon, renowned illustrator and writer also appreciated overseas for her graphic works and handmade writings. The artist boasts multiple awards and special mentions such as the one on the list of 40 Women Over 40 in 2015.

Lisa to the square! This strong power couple has managed to propose abstract but at the same time absolute interpretive schemes with the realization of a visionary pattern, just like them. Centimeter measured edges, pop color palette and lots, lots of awareness for a unapologetic and funky stylistic figure. Creations by LĀU… a style to live but above all to wear, now.

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