Les Jeux Du Marquis | a luxurious promise of seduction

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Physics explains attraction as that unexceptionable force that two bodies exert towards each other and which tends to bring them closer together. The most common seduction, however, is that between women and pumps, an unceasing courtship stared in the times of the times; well, the models of Les Jeux Du Marquis have conquered us.

The man behind the evocative design and intemperate aesthetics of the brand is Emanuele Coppari. From childhood he has been by the cradled of the hypnotic noise of hammers and pliers, in fact he came from a family of shoemakers but shoes have been a rediscovery for him. His curiosity went into painting, photography, sculpture and art history. In 2012 he decided to hold the rich heritage of notions and know-how inherited from his predecessors in his hands and founded Les Jeux Du Marquis.

Classic silhouettes have a new interpretation thanks to the creations of the designer who gracefully hisses a daring beauty.

Les Jeux Du Marquis designs an affable woman, immortalizes a regal bearing in the strictly handmade stitching, works fine materials and shapes wearable sculptures, but above all, it writes a piece of history of contemporary femininity.

Stiletto heels, sandals and kitten heels turn into a luxurious persuasion and tell of a nocturnal love, inhibited with constructions that emulate the tacit world of bondage. Leather, so rough and sober, falls in love with pompoms, silk bows and crystals giving life to sublime compositions.

Dances of nuances and patterns caress the ankles of sophisticated women with flattery and pay homage to a dominant womanhood, with exponential levels. Hints of the elegance of past eras are hidden behind a playful, flirty and provocative heart made of tenacious writings and sharp points.

Touching the soul of a femme fatale is an art, sometimes a gloomy undertaking but the Les Jeux Du Marquis models with enchantment and a solemn dose of brazen inebriate with charm.

Marche, a land of unquestioned high-quality artisanal production, is the destination chosen to make each shoe signed by Les Jeux Du Marquis. From the ideation to the manufacturing, the details are a Made in Italy tribute. Its design, so exciting and amazing, continues to capture the attention so much so that the models of Les Jeux Du Marquis will be exhibited among the excellences of the industry in Altaroma at the Showcase Roma space, it will also be present at Micam as selected in the emerging section.

Exclusive and aphrodisiac silhouettes, cuts and constructions satisfy glorious combinations of materials and colors, they tease the eye… Seduce and be seduced, discover the creations of Les Jeux Du Marquis.

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