Lora Nikolova | jewels as free expressions of art

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Lora Nikolova is an all-round artist. Her jewels adorn the body inspired by the free lines of coloured and abstract art. Compositions handmade in Italy that experiment with flair and innovation resulting in new luxurious jewels. In the Lora Nikolova creations fashion and art go hand in hand, combining the rigidity of stone with the lightness of shape.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Lora first graduated there in theatrical scenography and then decided to move to Italy and continue her studies at the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Brera specializing in Cinema and Television Scenography. She has collaborated in these years with firmly established and renowned names such as Jil Sander, Burberry, Versace, Milan’s Sartoria Brancato and Poma Jewels. She has also participated in commercial shoots and worked as a stylist in the furnishing sector. All these experiences have increased her rich know-how. In a lively creative ferment, the designer engaged in various projects, all bound by one common denominator: art. And then the turning point, the decision to build her own project and dedicate herself to it full time. This is how the precious brand Lora Nikolova began.

Abstractly combined jewels, geometric sculptures created with very fine steel threads intertwining semi-precious stones, glass, resin, wood and original materials. Handcrafted one by one in Italy, Lora Nikolova’s pieces are striking not only for their colours but also for their exclusivity. Never alike, they are actual works of design. An exceptional but wearable design. Just like nets, the creations capture the beauty of a unique jewel. They take possession of space, they project it, they move it, they expand it filling it with their coloured elements. Just like a pen on a blank sheet, the threads design and compose accessories which alternate different materials and consistencies.

Kandinsky’s masterpieces, art but also fish, flowers, cascades of chillies…From graphics to pop art up to the inspirations that recall the world of Nature, Lora Nikolova shuffles the cards, the shapes and the shades without ever losing her logic. In an apparent chaos, everything has its reason and sense. Airy earrings, graphic brooches, necklaces come to life with geometric designs…Discover Lora Nikolova’s unique jewels here and give your style a personal signature.

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