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Lottozero / textile laboratories. Two sisters, an inherited food store, and the desire to rediscover architects of their own future. Combine the punctuality of an economist to the irreproachability of a designer and … is the game done? Not exactly. But from that questioning point, from the continuing questions about who and what they want to be and the unused space, Tessa and Arianna Moroder have created Lottozero / textile laboratories.

Research, experimentation and cooperation are just a hint of a story written and lived in one of the most important textile districts in Italy. In fact, Prato is the scene where the originality of a multifunctional center, an artistic and international networking, such as Lottozero / textile laboratories, chooses the fabric as its concept, the roots as an innovation. Without leaving, do not forget. Powerful traditions, strong in heritage.

And if you are curious to see this very near-avant-garde scene Saturday 21 April and Sunday 22 April in Prato do not miss the appointment with Fashion revolution Fair. Lottozero / textile laboratories in fact open their doors for two days immersed in a textile culture now conscious of the importance of being ethical and sustainable. An event weekend to live and share not only the “specialties offered” by the top three stockists in the area but also the work of six internationals designers who will produce, exhibit and sell some of their unique pieces. With the craft, creativity and art. Fashion revolution Fair by Lottozero /textile laboratories.

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