LUCA BERIOLI | luxury sneakers that are not afraid to dare

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The timeless sneakers, a shoe that has accompanied generations after generations. High, low, black or the irrenounceable camouflage: Luca Berioli has given new life to an accessory that is now indispensable in anyone’s wardrobe. The missing piece of the made in Italy footwear, Luca Berioli presents himself with his new homonym brand and does not take long to be appreciated thanks to his recognizable and reliable design.

His love of shoes? Sudden, like all the most beautiful things in life. Thus, his aesthetics also sneakily caught the eyes of beauty lovers. The creations reinterpret classic and eternal models with grace and mastery, making them incisive pieces and true examples of Italian labor.

Luca Berioli cultivates his talent in the family, since he was a child he has been surrounded by fashion and then … then the turning point. The twenty-first century iconic shoes in his hands breathe fresh, young, contemporary air. They are reborn and become immortal, timeless to dress with clean silhouettes and temperate colors a sophisticated grace or give vent to an enthusiastic inspiration with paints, unexpected decorative applications and a boundless creativity. The brand offers a vast and refined assortment without lateness, transforming the sneaker into a piece that can be adapted to different tastes and occasions. A sort of statement, a manifesto: the shoe can be customized to best interpret your own identity, more than a shoe, the one designed by Luca Berioli is a portrait, a self-portrait.

Artist, stylist and craftsman: Luca Berioli surpasses expectations, transcends the rigid rules imposed by the sector and simply, he amazes, amazes with his skill in making such refined contours take shape, he amazes with his agility in giving a new life to fabrics and materials that have run their course. He, who was a forerunner of upcycling in Italy, who debuted specifically paraphrasing with feathers and studs already existing cloths and accessories, he who makes the avant-garde his favorite outfit …

An aesthetic that dares, hazard with elaborate prints and colors ad hoc, but remains devoted to the comfort and essentiality that distinguish luxury sneakers: discover the new models by Luca Berioli.

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