Lucia Merlo Bags | between feathers and sparkles, bags made in Italy

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So small to wear on the wrist, precious to have pearl jeweled shoulder straps, unique to be hand-painted. Lucia Merlo Bags make your many different looks always special thanks to their exclusivity. From micro to tote, this young brand of bags made in Italy finds its identity in its original stylistic combination and in the Italian craftsmanship.

Between the lightness of the feathers and the sparkle of precious details, the Lucia Merlo Bags brand interprets and expresses a fresh and contemporary femininity. Luxury passes through an elegant and sophisticated accessory that does not forget to play with colors, details and creativity. Smart and versatile they give the possibility to be interpreted and worn in different ways. Swinging on the wrist, crossing our day and evening clothes, they move with us never going unnoticed.

The brand was born from the great love of the designer of the same name Lucia Merlo for the transformations and accessories that change their appearance with a few small games and elements: from a clutch bag to a shoulderbag, from a bracelet to a small purse, or even giving the possibility of being worn with a pearl shoulder strap rather than a metal one. Like any woman, Lucia Merlo Bags have multiple facets, keeping all the sparkle of femininity in one bag.

Before founding the Lucia Merlo Bags brand, the founder & designer worked for over ten years in the world of fashion. Her strong and strong creative vein has never stopped continuing to explore and open the door to new challenges: following the footsteps of her greatest source of inspiration, the stylist and costume designer Marisa Tadiotto, Lucia Merlo has with grit and personality created the his project and shaped his ideas, his bags. Exclusive creations that tell the Made in Italy with novelty and talent between micro shapes, precious decorations and multifunctional models.

What are you waiting for? Light up your next looks with style and discover the Lucia Merlo Bags!

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