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Ludovica Amati: traveler, spiritual, researcher. These are the main characters in a different fashion, which is independent and is split from the standard dynamics of the fashion system. From aesthetics to the concept: the dress becomes the bearer of a message of a spirit fueled by the creativity of the young Roman namesake designer, Ludovica Amati, which breaks down any conventionality.

The seasonality of collections is overtaken by the force of memories, scents fixed in the mind. Explorer of a tangible world, as it is intangible: the journey, the lands and cultures encountered are reflected in a contact introspective, then self-knowledge. After arriving in London to study at Central Saint Martins, Ludovica decides to re-shuffle the cards and getting into the game, following his inspirations and going to india, trip that will mark her for good.

The cosmopolitan character is reflected by her being so dress, at a fashion so conceptual. The gracefulness of the soul materializes in the use of floating fabrics. Stereotyping and a crisis not only material, but also undermines the values and ideas, you need to find the composure, the poetry. Already recognized as a talent of Made in Italy, Ludovica Amati revives in their productions visions, travel, cultures. Between Rome and Ibiza her fashion is nomadic, like her, represented by inspiring and events far from trivial.

Creativity becomes performance, emotion: dance, photography, cinema. Art. In the last capsule collection  A/W 2016-17 slipped materials, printed alternate with velvet heaviness; long dresses, romantic garments are mixed with coats from the profiles marked or wrap-kimono jackets, hoods that accompany the body in every movement, swaying between steps and fringes. Memories, interpretations, nostalgia. The woman’s safety is expressed in the consciousness of itself. Light because unconditional. Free. For info

Giulia Fucile

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