Magnolia | the new turban by Mhudi

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Magnolia. The new turban signed by Mhudi carries the name of a flower. And like a flower it perfumes, perfumes of creativity. Vintage, exoticness and colours mix in this accessory that’s ready to be combined with your summer’s look. So, are you ready? Together let’s discover all the tricks and secrets of how to wear this “perturbing” trend.

The turban is one of the cult pieces of our wardrobe, but we all know that the celebrated oriental headwear certainly wasn’t born yesterday. Its story takes us on a journey in time; this must-have has circled the world… and many heads, even the most famous ones! At the beginning of the 20th Century the genius Paul Poiret used them to adorn clients and models; Elsa Schiaparelli combined them with her most extravagant outfits; the great divas of cinema including Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly or Marlene Dietrich wore them with class and extended the turban’s life as a style icon – (if not immortalised!) a true object of desire. Its particular fascination still continues to charm. And then if it’s called Magnolia and made by Mhudi, its appeal doubles. Created from exclusive and original textiles, Magnolia comes in many variants that “flower” with prints and different tonalities and details. To wear one is a true excitement, absolutely to be tried! Just like all of Mhudi’s creations, every Magnolia turban is handmade in Italy with otherwise unobtainable, unrepeatable textures. Refined with care from start to finish, in time and in space.

Silk, cotton and viscose combine together in pieces that are refined up to their last detail. Along with many other designs, Magnolia is a protagonist of the spring-summer collection NaturSide. It plays with draping, softness and particular refineries. Inspired by Nature and the vibrations of its colours, they valorise you outfits with romanticism and femininity. Versatile and sophisticated, they’re perfect for any occasion: they attract attention from your mornings in the office to your important appointments, changing face and style in the blink of an eye. Are you looking for the perfect combo? Wear Magnolia with flared jeans for a 70s mood, with a long, light dress for your more elegant evenings or just as easily with a suit for a mix of interesting urban chic contrasts. And the hair? They’re great with long or short styles, loose or up in a hidden bun. And on those bad hair days they become a precious ally! What are you waiting for? Take a look here and choose your Magnolia turban…

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