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Maison Dressage. With its perculiar name, the bags and accessories line created by the interior designer and photographer Matteo Dazzo together with illustrator and fashion designer Rossella Mancini. A recall to the equestrian world, to its rigour and discipline that becomes the inspiration for seductive and elegant creations.

Maison Dressage was born in the heart of Trieste, their city. A sketch on a paper serviette and…the ideas began to take form, the project becoming a reality. Even when Rossella left Italy to transfer to Brazil, Maison Dressage continued. Continued to experiment, research, create. Challenging time and geography, through a computer screen share, the two in fact produce accessories with fetishist souls and minimal aesthetics: bracelets that can turn into handcuffs, corsets, necklaces, harnesses to be worn over dresses or directly on top of the skin, then bags, rucksacks…the harnesses and clean forms of the equestrian world become the inspiration of exclusive, artisan creations ready to dress a decisive woman that desires to get noticed by her elegance.

Maison Dressage experiments, mixes and renews the use of different materials: fine woods, brass, natural rubber, leather tanned by vegetable products exclusively in Italy, in dedication to ethical fashion. The first bursting bondage aspect is obtained with time, evolving into a cleaner style, in a seduction that is at the same time delicate. Long, fluid fringes combine with leather in HALFJILL, the capsule collection of harnesses and collars that dress the body, following its every movement. Square and rectangular geometries, essential in their shapes but of course in their quality too, define the confines of LESS IS BAG, leather bags with inserts and handles in mahogany wood that recall the 60s. Then the TRAPÉZION series that is dedicated to the constant research of subtraction, the achievement of pure beauty: inspired by the circus Art of the trapeze, a collection projected to respond to the movement of the body of whoever wears it comes to life in a play on empties and full.

Rigorous bags in black, vegetable-tanned leather and Italian walnuts cut and bent by hand are illuminated by the gleam of brass elements, while the chokers, harnesses and necklaces are produced in natural vegan-friendly rubber or in vegetable-tanned leather . Discover and choose your Maison Dressage accessories!

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