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Majo , young brand, unconventional, never boring, finds its strengths in the absolute craftsmanship, rigor in the selection of raw materials, entirely in Italian chain through which bags are produced with a unique style.

All bags, in fact, are produced with a special technique which provides in a first stage the preparation of strips of leather carefully selected, in a second phase the seam of the strips, one by one, around the shell. This process is completely manual, determines the exclusivity of each product.

Majo’s brand has been created by Carla  Coppari, who studied Industrial Design in Rome, and Stefano Romani, which has gained significant experience in different laboratories goldsmiths of Florence. The two craftsmen, members of ‘company located in the heart of Umbria in Italy, were brave and consistent and have built a brand by referring to skilled local workers  and based on ancient workings of the leather, respecting the tradition and in the direction of a sustainable fashion.

Majo Bags , unique style and difficult to imitate, vintage flavor, are created by hand with prestigious leather of Italian origin. Warm colors and shimmering shades for trunks, shoulder bags, buckets, pouches in which the versatility joins the prestige of a top quality product. For info  www.majolab.com

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