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To do something with passion. This is Meraky: in name, in meaning, in fact. With creativity, love and a lot of imagination, Emilia and Rosaria start with small objects and great ideas to write the beginning of that project that would become their brand.

An all-Italian label of bags, a “made in Italy with soul” that gives new life to objects and materials destined for the landfill transforming them into exclusive accessories. Unique and artisan creations, daughters of a process of design and processing that is attentive to the environment and sustainability.

Like a butterfly, matter with Meraky lives a path, a metamorphosis, before becoming a product. Ethics, respect but also culture, style and craftsmanship are the values of a brand that holds in its bags a real way of acting and thinking: a savoir-faire that overcomes the technicalities to arrive with inspiration to new creations.

Considering things not for what they are but for what they could be, the brand mixes the most unusual materials and comes to original conclusions. The artisan know-how and imagination merge into bags that free the accessory from conventions, interpreting it in a new way. Such as? Just imagine … because the first collection of Meraky bags is really made with something that you don’t, just don’t expect!

Unique weaving, handmade processing and… coffee packaging! Here it is the ingredient (unexpected!) secret of the four models and of the many variants of the collection that is inspired by coffee starting from the same names. Large and spacious, the Arabica tote bag has an “enveloping and decisive” taste while the Shakerato is versatile and dynamic, customizable according to the occasion thanks to the two functional straps… its taste? “Rich and full-bodied”. And then the little Espresso, an elegant model with a soft and balanced aroma, sophisticated in its metallic details, and the geometric Ristretto clutch, with a light and velvety essence, with a hidden magnetic closure. Don’t wait: discover the Meraky bags in just a click!

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