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Mhudi? So many turbans but one unique style. Exclusive, versatile, fun and reversible, Mhudi accessories reverse and change look, without ever losing their handmade personality. One single turban brings two different style propositions! With the allure of the divas of the past and the contemporaneity of the woman of the present, this accessory is reborn in a new trend, transformed by the brand into a true must-have. Such an iconic item, the turban returns in Mhudi knocking on the door of the past, dressing itself with sophisticated, elegant simplicity. Launched in 2013, it has in its heart and ‘in its head’ the intuitive aesthetic sensibility of its designer Francesca Passeri. Francesca has been passionate about fashion all her life, and after graduating with a major in Architecture and Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano, then various work experiences including a post with the Max Mara group, she decided to create her own brand.

Mhudi rather than nonsense or bizarreness, presents original ideas in its trendy turbans which bear within them a truly special story: the Mhudi headwear is made from textiles that Francesca’s Grandpa, an enthusiastic traveller and collector of Batik, used to import from Africa in the 1960s. The prints are one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable patterns, and the fabrics are stitched together by skilled hands with attention to detail that is apparent in the finished pieces. Handmade in Italy, the turbans play with texture, prints and colour. Fabrics such as silk, cashmere, velvet are used, and the differing patterns and tones featured are highlighted by contrasts and unusual combinations. Charismatic and refined, they offer that extra touch to all of your looks. Casual with jeans, elegant with a maxi dress, saucy with shorts, urban-chic for the office; they break the constraints of creativity, bringing freedom.

In the new Spring-Summer 2019 collection ‘NaturSide’, flowers prepare to blossom over our heads through exciting romantic prints, a symbol of hope and renewal. Nature in its beauty and vitality is the starting point, around which everything else magically turns. Just as in the change of season, the embroidered leaves change colour too. Francesca enjoys experimenting by creating drapes and softness, constructing textile architecture and choosing high-quality materials amongst which cotton and silk. In one simple gesture Mhudi turns headbands, turbans and all headwear around, giving it a new allure. It’s cosmopolitan, international and integral with the local fashion of foreign cultures. Express yourself; dress Mhudi. You can buy Mhudi HERE

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