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With Mhudi is rediscovered an accessory ancient and rich in meaning: the turban. At a time when fashion dresses of excesses, Mhudi follows simplicity and draws on the past by transforming the turban in a very contemporary accessory.

And so, with craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, thorough research of materials, Mhudi proposes the turban, the ancient oriental culture, realized in the best tradition of Italian tailoring. The brand Mhudi comes from refined aesthetic sense of Francesca Passeri, graduated in Architecture and Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano. Eclectic and always passionate about fashion, after several work experience including, probably the most important, the experience in the group Max Mara, Francesca Passeri in 2013 she presented her first collection of reversible turbans made from fabrics owned by the paternal grandfather, lover of travel and collector of batik fabrics, imported from Africa in the 60s.

The turbans, with a charismatic style and refined, donate these charming allure. Silk, cashmere, velvet are matched with precious fabrics, based on extensive travel and research. Prints and colors are mixed to give life to original hat, unique pieces entirely handmade.

The turbans Mhudi are very versatile, ideal for a casual look for both a more sophisticated style, perfect for those who love to stand out and for those who like to experiment always new outfits. You can buy Mhudi HERE. For info www.mhudi.it


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