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Miahatami: kaleidoscope of colors, prints and patterns enclosed in clean lines, geometric volumes, textile movements. Eclecticism. Clashes, conflicts eventually amalgamated into tradeoffs, peaceful pacts. Contemporaneity. So the rich fabrics blend with less precious materials, classical materials are mixed with technical materials for a scented pot-pourri of wandering odors, blown from different winds. From east to west. From the Middle East to Europe through fashion. Miahatami is not just a brand but reflects a more intimate view of fashion, multiculturalism and prismatic art according to the idea and identity of Narguess Hatami.

Narguess Hatami, born in Teheran in 1981, even as a child breathes an air full of creativity: daughter of an architect and a designer, from 4 years old she was introduced to music, drawing, and to all that is colored with artistry. Her destiny was already written, codified. After graduation at high school in Teheran, Narguess arrives in Italy to continue her education by undertaking a course of study at the University of Bologna, Culture and Techniques of Costume and Fashion.

Thanks to a university internship she comes into contact with the company Paola Frani, where she becomes responsible folders and finally responsible for of the collection. Hence her working career is a cyclone of important collaborations: from  MSGM alongside Massimo Giorgetti, to  Brandina to become right arm Piergiorgio Piangerelli, creative director of  Aviù. And then a new beginning: the creation in 2015 of Miahatami brand. Game of letters and joints that reflect her surname, united and preceded by empowering possessive adjective: manifesto of what the brand is personal and highly identifier.

In her collections is reflected a young woman, never tired to learn and to know. Every secret, place, travel is solved, discovered by intelligent eyes. Open minded. In the collection Spring – Summer 2016, the inspiration for her homeland is alive, active more than ever in the motifs, lighted majolicas in from many different and disparate shades. Colorful drawings for palazzo pants, skirts, dresses.

Overlaps, inserts, fringes and most ethnic mood, movement. Each piece is one, equal to itself, with a history and a path to which she dedicates care and attention every time unique and special. tailoring fashion, textile world map of ideas, without limits and restrictions. Fashion as a meeting, point of encounter. Melting pot.  For info http://www.miahatami.com/

Giulia Fucile

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