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Milan Fashion Week Men’s is officially over. Between big brands and new debuts, many interesting news have emerged. Not only collections, garments and inspirations but also new ways of thinking and conceiving the future.

Fashion embraces, breathes the times and translates them. In creations to wear and emotions to try. And the word that echoes strongly, that stitches together the different Fall/Winter 2021-22 collections is one. Freedom.

Between comfort, fit, tailoring, fluidity, we discover the latest creations by young emerging and made in Italy brands.

PAURA DI DANILO PAURA In an art gallery, Danilo Paura sets up his collection. Fashion and art, two faces of creativity, sometimes so close that they get confused. A new generation of artists moves between ancient statues, marble busts and color palettes. Young people looking and discovering a new freedom while wearing garments that wink to the past, to retro fashion and at the same time to the more street side of fashion. Denim, knitwear, pinstripes, jackets with maxi volumes, colors.

DALPAOS With a fashion film with noir tones, Dalpaos talks about its new Fall/Winter 2021-22 collection. Contemporary, versatile, fluid, Dalpaos garments are all Made in Italy and made with a green perspective. Maxi coats, knitwear, checked fabrics dress the four protagonists of the film who move with skill between tradition, innovation and contemporaneity.

FEDERICO CINA The homonymous brand founded by the Romagna designer Federico Cina, winner of Who Is On Next? 2019, is confirmed as one of the most interesting realities of the new Italian fashion. Made in Italy finds ample space and breath in a collection that speaks of roots, of Romagna, of tradition. In perfect Federico Cina style. Yes, because the designer manages to make the best of the past and know-how to translate it into the future. Hand-made knitwear, according to the best tradition, the construction of jackets and trousers with attention to detail and lovers of large volumes.

SUNNEI Choose your avatar, dress it up with a total Sunnei look and… play. With the latest collection, Sunnei has not only revolutionized a way of presenting fashion but also to conceive and live it, making it interactive. The 100% made in Italy brand has done something revolutionary again this time, breaking the mold of conventions and launching a real video game. The protagonists of the game and the innovative catwalk are ten avatars dressed in the new Sunnei garments: fluid creations, ideal for everyone without distinction. Comfortable garments, which mix sartorial details with technical materials, logos and colors, garments that prefer oversized volumes and inclusive fashion.

NUMERO 00 In a sensory journey, in search of light, of better days, Numero 00 makes us move between freedom, carefree and lightness. A comfort wear that ranges from oversized fit to fluid garments, from soft fabrics to soft colors such as pink or light blue, from the functionality of active to attention to detail, such as raw cuts and raw embroidery. An Fall/Winter 2021-22 collection that, as always, leaves nothing to chance and surprises.

GALL Avant-garde, strength, courage. These are just some of the sides that can be seen in the new GALL collection. Experimenting with shapes, prints and materials, the brand continues to choose a contemporary and functional design. Armed with an unmistakable style, the GALL man chooses urban and innovative looks made of sweatshirts, trousers with zips, multifunctional garments.

VADERETRO The finalists of Who Is On Next? 2020 debut at the Milan Fashion Week for Men with a collection destined to leave its mark. Their style. An Fall/Winter 2021-22 collection made up of travelers, nomads and distant inspirations. The layering of the garments, the great classics reused to dress the future, structured jackets, wide pants, long skirts.

MTL STUDIO The MLT Fall/Winter 2021-22 collection represents with a melancholy youth, inspired by the past. In a rural setting, Matteo Lamandini, founder and designer of the brand, expresses the simple things in life through his creations. Telling them with emotion, the flavors and colors. In a mix and match of elegance and comfort, the brand starts from cult garments such as the jacket, the shirt, the trousers with pleats and reinterprets them by dyeing them with shades of green, pink, brown.

MAGLIANO Irreverent, exclusive, in full Magliano style. With a short film directed by Tommaso Ottomano, Luca Magliano’s brand presents its Fall/Winter 2021-22 collection. Between art and Renaissance environments, the models are dressed in distant inspirations, in garments that communicate and arrive, in dark colors alternating with points of red or white. Always surprising us. Denim, printed shirts, wool vests, the inevitable wide jackets with square shoulders, wide trousers with a belt at the waist.

DIMA LEU “Again and forever” is the fashion film with which Dima Leu presents his collection. Set in the Moldovan capital Chisinau, the designer restarts from his origins and history. Intense colors and velvet stripes light up the tones of sportswear items such as sweatshirts and soft trousers. Fuchsia, red, yellow, green, blue bring back to the folklore of tradition while design to contemporaneity. In a fascinating and winning mix and match.

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