Fashion FW 2020-21 | how will we dress next year?

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Still one more year to go we know it, but fashion is playing ahead of time, as always, by revealing future trends on the Altaroma catwalks with the FW 2020-21 collections. Waves of blue, weaves, nostalgic elegance and lots of attention to the environment … Between new entries and great reconfirmations, let yourself be inspired by the latest trends and keep yourselves updated!

BLUE – that this was the color of the 2020 Pantone had already told us in December, but that we will continue to wear blue for a long time we discovered it (with pleasure) just recently. Classic, royal, Klein, navy … in an electric, dark, intense or lighter version up to touching the “sky” and getting to the sugar paper, the regal nuance will dye coats, clothes, shoes, accessories and suits for a season marked by cold (blue) and elegance. To amaze wear it in total look or combine it with the whiteness of white, or combine it instead with red, orange, fuchsia if you love strong contrasts, mix it with black for the grand soirées.

TOTAL LOOK – shirt + trousers, tailleur, top + skirt … a color, a texture, in short, a complete look! Romantic and feminine or minimal and gender fluid, fashion coordinates us from head to toe. Delicate prints or shades for the day, sparkling dresses for the evening, to you the elegant choice.

ECOFRIENDLY – seems to have become the key word (and trend) of the future. From the upcycling to the wastes up to the personal care and the environment one, women’s fashion FW 2020-21 certainly does not disappoint in terms of ethics and sustainability. Indeed, it is confirmed as an innovator and bearer of a new wave of trends that start right there. No white sheet, but rather a reuse and creative recycling that makes fashion beautiful inside and out. Patchwork, wooden fringes, organic dyes, transparent production and supply chains, environmental and social well-being.

LADY LIKE – graceful, composed, sophisticated: the woman keeps moving into the FW 2020-21 fashion with a refined attitude, full-blown dressed. Pencil skirt, slingback, shirts with bows, bon ton hats. After so much (maybe too much) streetwear we return to the origins, to the great classics, to that polite taste that expresses gentle femininity without giving up novelty in anyway.

KNITWEAR – the FW 2020-21 collections weave jumpers and pull the strings of a trend that is reconfirmed queen of the catwalks after this season. Ribbed, tricot, oversized or short, colourful and not, it is declined in different shapes, genres and volumes, dressing everyone. Try it as a maxi cardigan for every-day looks, choose the high-neck sweater for your more sophisticated looks or combine the softness of the pullover with midi skirts for a romantic but contemporary outfit.

EVENING DRESS – sparkling, embroidered, long … fashion rekindles the spotlight on the evening and calls it on the catwalk with evening dresses that who let themselves be stared at. Graceful skirts, glittered blazers, transparencies and not only gowns: in fact, tuxedos and marvelous tailored suits also show up. The colors are dark but bright, the lengths are maxi but not bulky for an elegant but modern woman.

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