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Bright. MON jewels express and reflect the light they carry inside in all their beauty. Handmade in Italy, the MON contain in their refined design not only an accessory but a profound meaning.

Like amulets, talismans, to be kept or donated, these creations are full of messages. Of light, of love, of beauty.

Founded in 2020, the very young MON brand is the result of a journey. A path in search of oneself, of the truth, of the true essence of things and above all of ourselves. A path where inspiration can be found everywhere, it can be found everywhere if you look closely. If you look deeply. It is in people’s eyes, in the strength of a lived moment, in the colors of a landscape, in the harmonious notes of music but also in the deep sound of solitude. In change, in mutation, in the ferment of transformation.

MON Jewels are born with the intention of giving you something precious, Powerful, Magical, which can help you recognize your Value and your Beauty.

Made of 925 silver plated with 18K gold, they move between sinuous but clean lines. Each jewel is designed and studied in every part, down to the last detail. More or less thin chokers, rings to wear alone or mixed together, sculpture bracelets, dangling earrings…

With its own recognizable style, MON chooses to express its identity through iconic and original pieces. One of its must is definitely the eyes jewels: the eyes are a fundamental means through which to get to know each other, connect with others beyond words and this jewel invites us to get lost in the depth of the gaze of others.

Choose made in Italy and the beauty of uniqueness. Go beyond trends, research and create your own style. Discover MON creations and let yourself be inspired by these truly precious jewels.

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