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The colour par excellence, the tint that has been able to spell out with verve the real meaning of the phrase femme fatalered! This is its Most Wanted. Warm, even fiery, crossing orange nuances and then exploring the deep burgundy, it is simply omnipresent. It can describe with its shadows and its inflations a morbid desire (of style!) but in its darker versions it gives voice to a hesitant and docile romanticism. In short, red with its thousand shades, can narrate femininity at 360°. Do you feel a bit arsonist? Well, just play with fire only metaphorically speaking with explosive combinations and looks! Tailored blazers or haute couture dresses to show off at a grand gala, its hues know how to dress the contemporary woman with charm from the icy early hours of the morning accompanying her in the silence of the night. But not just clothing… accessories make all the difference! The glowing scarlet red when placed on a luxurious petite pochette envelops every outfit with an imminent seduction. Powerful and dominant, hypnotizes the eye, you will certainly not go unnoticed. So humble and yet of infinite wealth it knows no boundaries. From one end of the hemisphere to the other it gives itself to the most dissimilar cultures as interpreter of historical traditions, in the new season red is synonymous with woman. Female with a capital “f” in her bearing, in her ability to dare, in her bloody passion… the semantics behind this indomitable painting is eloquent in decanting a lustful good taste! Reddish details are mixed with black ornaments of avant-garde necklaces with completely unconventional constructions, or become the flagship of classic kitten heels. Succulent and lively in its pomegranate-flavored hue, it courts silk and becomes the protagonist of exclusive scarves for lovers of a lady-like style, a symbol of compassion in the Buddhist community, thriving on sweetness and graceful grace in its shady tones.

Ah, how to resist sunsets bursting in from unknown corners and showing up so unexpectedly… As on a canvas the red nuances draw on the body of priceless paintings, and you are the muses! Not even the urban style can tame this burning temptation with essential t-shirts that don’t have anything basic at all, almost like a sort of statement, the colour speaks for itself! So not only the inevitable rouge-à-levres in the make-up bag, the wardrobe ignites with accessories that are strong in form and substance. Coated, in velvet, bon ton or irreverent, ruby, terracotta or tending to magenta. There’s nothing more to say but only an exclusive world of Made in Italy works to discover: here is Most Wanted Rosso!

Most Wanted Rosso: silk foulard by Edoardo Gallorini


Elegant Interior Foulard – Edoardo Gallorini

Edoardo Gallorini uses precious silk soft to the touch to tell unpublished stories completely made in Italy. A fashion accessory unique in the rarity of the quality that distinguishes it and in the elaborate design. The lines are clean and meticulous, the colors give life to a wearable picture of retro charm. The different shades of red are brush-jointed with the yellow ochre and brown paints… Simply a refined scarf to have and keep.

Most Wanted Red: plain red t-shirt by Çamarche


Bright Slave Red T-shirt – Çamarche 

The colors are definitely pop and playful style. The Çamarche t-shirt is an irreverent garment that absolutely cannot miss in your closet. A solid colour of a fiery shade will be the focus of your every look, ideal to make an attractive minimal outfit. In short, to have!

Most Wanted Red: handbag by Brù Milano


Bold Red Lines Bag – Brù Milano

Strictly handmade by Italian master craftsmen, the exclusive Brù Milano bag has irreverent ethnic references with its play of geometries and colours. Red, fuchsia and powder pink alternate in triangles and trapeziums with black contours, with attention to detail. The pochette has small volumes but is capacious, enriched by a chain that allows the wearability on the shoulder… your ally in style!

Most Wanted Red: kitten heel by Les Jeux Du Marquis


A Swallow 55 kitten heel pump – Les Jeux Du Marquis

This historic model of the female wardrobe is reinterpreted under a modern key. The silhouettes remain classic and worthy of the great women of the cinema of yesteryear, but the style takes on new garments. This creation is a very clever and intuitive creation that denotes a strong personality, releasing sensuality in every inch of it. The gem? the red detail of the mini heel, veiled, and in small doses, the red color is actually the real star of the shoe.

Most Wanted Red: Aru Eyewear sunglasses


Edgy Fuchsia Red Sunglasses – Aru Eyewear

The cat-eye cut lives on today’s modern day thanks to the processing of Aru Eyewear. The contours are meticulous and reasoned in their minimalism, but the colors are strong and clear, or rather see! The pure red is revisited with fuchsia notes creating a must have accessory. To soften the tones of a total black look or as a missing piece of a composition with funky nuances … this is the glasses for you!

Most Wanted Red: collier by Lora Nikolova


Unconventional Collier Iraida – Lora Nikolova

Abstract, unique, handmade: this is Lora Nikolova’s necklace. Games of weaves, slender lines that blend into volumes full of new applications. Thus ceramics, glass, plastic and semi-precious stones give life to an artful sculpture. The black tones of the creation are the common thread of bright reds and soft pinks… to be touched!

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