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Good things in life can be counted on the fingers of one hand, yours! No longer to be kept for big occasions, today, rings must be worn in any everyday-look and collected on bare skin, no longer abandoned to old jewelry boxes. For caresses that worth (literally)! Behind a precious stone, its colour or a peculiar cut hide different meanings. A ring is forever, it never betrays… then touch eternity with our Most Wanted Rings!

What could ever beat your first love? Love at first sight. Yes, for the creations we carefully selected for you!

Whether it is a mix & match desired by girls who love a grunge flavour or sober combinations for our bon-ton queens, whether it is an alternative design or the essentiality of clean lines, gold or unconventional elements, the intuition starts from the technique, the refinement of materials, and those secrets kept in city corners that still preserve our much envied Made in Italy.

And who says you have to wait for a man to put a ring on your finger? No! These antiquated and obsolete formalities bore us, because every woman should give herself a promise of love and loyalty… after all, if you don’t love yourself how can you love someone else? Thus our Most Wanted Rings is an invitation indeed, an imperative towards our Ladies: that “Forever” and that sweet “Happily Ever After” should start in the mirror every day. Then begin with yourself, start courting you first. And if they accuse you of vanity, tell them that our proposals are just irresistible.

Vintage taste, mini architecture or sumptuous volumes: say Yes I do and choose the right jewelry to seal your love towards yourself with our exclusive Most Wanted Rings.

Most Wanted Rings: ring by Rosaspina.


Romantic Flora Cocktail Orange Ring – Rosaspina Firenze

The harmony of nature is set in a precious jewel with delicate hues. A soft orange to enhance the complexion of the lucky lady. To embellish a grand soiree look or to colour the most basic combinations for the day with romantic touches. A beauty that blossoms between the fingers.

Most Wanted Rings: ring by Giorgia Panzironi.


Graceful Erodium Silver Ring – Giorgia Panzironi

The creation of Giorgia Panzironi is a tribute to the gracefulness of a beauty elusive like a leaf. The weight of quality, history and ancient techniques used, however, is impressive. Her design enchants with irregular shapes that blend into unique pieces.

Most Wanted Rings: ring by Acchitto.


Bold Moor Hybrid Gold Mechanism – Acchitto

The gold is melted down and then worked with Swarovski crystals to write a story that bears your name. The ancient Testa Moro whose tale has echoed for years is now eternal in Acchitto’s design. An abundant and rich femininity that conquers at first glance. A secret? All the pieces in the collection are interchangeable and can be reassembled as you please…Find out more!

Most Wanted Rings: ring by Vu Elle Jewels.


Essential Leaves Ring – Vu Elle Jewels

Clean lines and essential cuts speak of a humble and elegant woman with a classic style that does not lose its contemporary vein. Stylized sketches become matter, thus Vu Elle Jewels creation comes to life. A praise for beauty that doesn’t flaunt, that does not impose itself loudly but simply exists and amazes.

Most Wanted Rings: ring by Arte Facta.


Precious Kora Peony Ring – Arte Facta

The pride of an all-Italian story is kept in unseen compositions of precious stones and gold. A charming two-step dance that seduces and lets itself be seduced, a discreet luxury that tells of a modern femme fatale. The missing note, the page never written to live your sweet “Happily ever after“.

Most Wanted Rings: ring by Giorgia Panzironi.


Royal Zamia Ring – Giorgia Panzironi

“Live Leaves”: this is the name of the collection of this exclusive model. Italian craftsmanship finds a new chapter in its prestigious history imprinted in bronze. The materials are worked with care and quality to give the regal look that distinguishes the creations of Giorgia Panzironi. Timeless elegance…

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