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Trend Alert! Mini, knee-length or in waterfalls of meters and meters of fabric, tight and high waist to design a waist worthy of the unstoppable charm of the ’50s or slip on the hips and flared, elegant chiffon or aggressive and seductive leather… what are we talking about? Obviously skirts! The time has come, Most Wanted Skirts has arrived. We know, we know; the sun is still playing hide-and-seek and late in showing itself while the gloomy days seem not to stop, but how to resist? For decades they have been the symbol of an innate femininity, they paraded on every catwalk from Paris Fashion Week to our fashion capital; today this historic garment is reborn in new forms, yours! From the bonton soul of our faithful ladylike queen to the provocative (tasteful) effrontery of passionate women, there’s a skirt for every mood. A light breeze, sculpted legs and the hem of the skirt playing and being guided by breeze… everyone should enjoy a Marilyn Monroe moment. So why not do it with tailored skirts of emerging brands strictly Made in Italy?

But don’t I have anything to wear?… with the following proposals this will officially become a banned phrase for you! Well yes, it may sound strange but it’s really the skirts that solve the classic existential crisis of us women in front of the closet. Whether you want to show off an elaborate outfit of impact to have your eyes on in an exceptional soiree or if, like every Monday, the alarm clock has not been heard and you are desperately looking for a comfortable and easy everyday look, skirts are the answer to your every desire. They slim, shape the hourglass body of a sensual vamp and make the silhouette more flattering to hide the endless Sunday lunches, fill the curves and embrace those who have a more toned and slender figure… In short, you ask and you will be given!

Never without? A leather skirt, more precisely a longuette! No, don’t worry, mini skirts are not to be put aside but to have a more sophisticated and sensual aura, and mind you we say seductive not vulgar, well, the more inches you have the more the effect is assured. And who says that skirts are boring and too austere? Madame and mademoiselle, to tempt and dare is our bread and butter thanks to our exclusive proposals… Playful asymmetries, attractive prints, shocking shades of orange and applications of unconventional materials: should we say more? To combine with classic black turtlenecks or blazers to give off girl power from all pores or soft powder-coloured blouses for our indomitable romance lover. You can’t call yourself a real trend setter if your wardrobe lacks skirts, yes, you read right, plural! Ah, you’re this close to being crowned style queens, but to pass the ultimate test you must absolutely follow our Most Wanted Skirts… and don’t be smart, there’s no one without two, you might as well have them all!

Most Wanted Skirts: miniskirt by Fili Pari


Ironic Bice Verona Skirt – Fili Pari

Short, very short, colorful, extremely colorful: the creation of Fili Pari is a contemporary praise to Italian tailoring. Innovation and avant-garde combine in a bold garment with bright colors. The material is made from a peculiar microfilm patented by the brand obtained from marble powder. The cut is meticulous in all its pleats, the style is unmistakable…

Most Wanted Skirts: knee-high skirt by Apnoea


Unconventional Gabardine Skirt – Apnoea

Out of the box, avant-garde but classic and elegant in its lines. The Gabardine Skirt breaks paradigms and flourishes in the genius and inspiration of its design. A nude mini skirt that plays with lengths thanks to the transparent plastic inserts, shows without daring too much, the traditional pleating is reinvented and bears the name of Apnoea!

Most Wanted Skirts: asymmetric skirt by Yojiro Kake


Origami Peacock Skirt – Yojiro Kake

The silhouette of the model is flattering, enveloping the curves without flaunting them. The geometry of the print is classic, but it is a modern silhouette, reinvented in asymmetries and impeccable carvings. Elegant and jaunty at the same time, it cannot miss in your wardrobe!

Most Wanted Skirts: leather longuette by The Al


Refined Skirt – The Al

A real weapon of seduction. The Al conceives a feminine beauty without brakes, its proposal frames the woman’s body in clean, clean lines. The colour, oil green, is intense and deep, it provokes and seduces with elegance. The second skin effect is a must of the season that makes you feel strong and clear and this creation will crown you queen, let yourself be tempted.

Most Wanted Skirts: maxi skirt by Chiara Perrot


Long Thalie Skirt – Chiara Perrot

Black, high-waisted, toe-length: the right ingredients are all there! Chiara Perrot’s creation describes a contemporary romanticism with extremely soft and graceful volumes. A passpartout garment for everyone. The real gem? The handmade designs… a hymn to traditional Italian tailoring!

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