Munamer | made in Italy meets modest beachwear

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Combine a good dose of design, art and know-how of Made in Italy manufacturing, modest beachwear. Result? Munamer, the young brand born in 2016 from the intuition of Chiara Taffarello. Desire of the sea, its meaning (MUNA = desire in Arabic, MER = sea in French).

The model wears elegant modest swimsuit Munamer geometric print blue, burgundy, white

“There are so many styles and interesting prints on bikinis, but no such thing when we look at burkini”.

From these ideas, from her continuous research and from the knowledge acquired over the years and over the many journeys, the Treviso designer creates Munamer. An exclusive, truly exclusive project; the first modest-beachwear brand 100% made in Italy .

Presented in April 2018 at the LONDON MUSLIM LIFESTYLE SHOW as a modest swimwear collection, the brand wants to be more than just a label: it is a will, a philosophy, to dress women who do not want to give up fashion, comfort or even their traditions.

the model wears elegant black and white Munamer swim dress with floral print

Chiara Taffarello studied and graduated from IED as a designer. Thanks to her work, she has the opportunity to travel, to discover new distant countries and learn about the different cultures. And it is from Pakistan, from the study of their uses and customs and from the evolution of an elaborate thought that Munamer was born.

Chiara notices that women are not at ease in going into the water due to the lack of suitable clothing: from this she begins to give shape to her project, buying samples and seeking inspiration for patterns and colors, blending traditional taste with a design and a new aesthetic.

the model wears an elegant Munamer modest swimsuit with stones and pearls print

Munamer and its burkini are the opportunity to dress in a comfortable elegance, to play sports and enjoy your time while embracing your own traditions.

An explosion of prints and colors light up garments with sophisticated lines and typically Italian craftsmanship, achieved thanks to high quality fabrics. A journey, an exotic and radiant atmosphere that guides you towards a new and fresh femininity, towards the handmade pieces of the Munamer collection, designed and produced by the designer in a small Italian textile workshop, near Ancona. In the logo, a geometric rose leaf, is mixed nature, flowers, landscapes, beaches, Islamic geometry and arabesque writing.

the model wears modest swimsuit Munamer with fuchsia print

Made in Italy meets modest beachwear and does so with an innovative elegance. And does so with Munamer. Discover the entire collection of this innovative brand.

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