My City Tehran | the jewellery line signed Nobahar Design Milano

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My City Tehran, the jewellery that will revolutionise your style. For the better! It’s colourful, light and truly exclusive. The pieces are numbered and limited, the design refined. The My City Tehran pieces from the capsule collection My City, are that famous detail that makes the difference.

To create them? Sogand Nobohar, founder and designer of the jewellery brand Nobahar Design Milano. Known and recognised for her creative talent, curious to project, experiment and push herself beyond pre-packaged conventions (read a little here about her story), Sogand produces innovative and original jewellery. Exactly like that from the My City Tehran collection.

From the vivacious creative fester of a cosmopolitan metropolis and the ability to see the world and all things from another prospective, brightly coloured and modern shaped accessories are born, realised by latest-generation techniques. Rings and bracelets made by 3D print or additive production, true mini works of Art to be worn and combined with fantasy and with your most individual look, from morning to evening. Unique pieces to be worn on their own, in combo or mixed with others in originality.

A refined aesthetic that’s alive with an exciting concept and idea: nostalgia, the nostalgia of home. An inspiration that doesn’t come from far away, but from a sensation that has trialled the designer herself and continues to trial her every day. Living far from one’s home, living with that conscience of having left something behind. It’s true…but at the same time grants a possibility, the freedom to track and follow one’s own path and cut the tape to a new beginning. You can’t be in two places at the same time: that’s the sacrifice, the price to pay, and is the motive behind My City Tehran, which allows everybody to carry a part of their city with them. In their hearts and in a piece of jewellery! What are you waiting for! Shop now all Nobahar Design Milano jewellery  here!

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