Nanà Firenze | a brand that make us aim high

on December 4, 2020 by Giulia Fucile Leave your thoughts

Light as a feather, elegant like only a couture known how to be. Nanà Firenze inspires us with its beauty and makes us fly high. Not just with mind. Yes, because its plumed accessories give, with fancy and art, an extra mile, they are details that make a difference in our outfits.

Nanà Firenze signs with its exclusive style polished collections. The feather is its hallmark. But not just that. The skillful handmade maestry that always identifies Mazzanti Piume historic florentine company and mother of this young label, it joins contemporary design of headbands, scarfs, brooches, vest jackets, bags.

Past and present are sewn together in a perfect duo, that has not scary to dare. Every piece is the result of a creative, long and elaborate process that doesn’t start from realization but from a big research made constantly by the brand. Something that goes deeper and at the same time watches longer, doing dynamism of trend and a continued change of scenarios, that are backgrounds to live and overtake every time, with its style. Unique.

Nanà Firenze with its capsule expresses a world made by beauty, full of beauty, where there is space for imagination and fashion that has not scary to dream. And to make us dream. It’s a travel between femminine wardrobe key-pieces, now reinterprets in a fresh and contemporary mood.

Plumed brochees and headbands make immediately femminine our looks and it lets us be free of fun with colours. If you love to mix your outfits gambling all on accessories, then you have to choose between a plumed scarfs and colourful vest jackets.

Discover  Nanà Firenze creations and colour your style!

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