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A short time after its debut, which took place only in 2019, the young brand Nicola Brescini is already being noticed and noted among the new realities of fashion to keep an eye on. A new, made in Italy and emerging project that stems from the need to narrate through a mix of arts and inspirations slices of social life, real social life.

The brand that has the name of its founder and designer is based on the synergy of interesting artistic collaborations with talents of different genres and cultures. The t-shirts, cult of the brand, white or black, become canvases on which to express important concepts. Through illustrations, art and creativity, Nicola Brescini manages to tackle current and often delicate topics, placing them at the center of attention and the collection.

From the collaboration with the freelance illustrator Domenico Lettera, both the SS 2020 and the FW 2020-21 are born, presented right at the latest Pitti Uomo 97. Two collections that deal with design and time frames glimpses of life, important and touching themes such as environment and climate change. Nicola Brescini was born from the desire to invoke strong emotions and reactions in the public.

From the young boy-bird protagonist of the first collection, who initially compromised with a world that tempts him with pleasure and temptations but inside which he finds himself trapped, leaving and freeing himself only thanks to true love and strength that lead him to recover his lost wings and his soul, to the latest Tiglio Selvatico collection, nature’s response to the human being actions, he who is now defenseless in the face of the climate change that he provoked himself. It is time to choose, it is time to act. Before it’s too late.

With Nicola Brescini, fashion becomes statement, a message of deep thoughts capable of dressing us but also of striking us (with style) and making us reflect. Discover the creations of the emerging all-Italian brand and choose your Nicola Brescini t-shirt.

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