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Nicola Brognano. Explosion of contrasts, break points of schematic old balances. Modern synergies. Excellent promoter of a fashion milkshakes from the new taste, balanced: fantasies, ultra-feminine details, pleated, played down and renewed in a shaken mix. Madly in love with the revolutionary ’70s and’ 90s of photography, Nicola Brognano recounts his vision of fashion ranging from hippy chic style to the more masculine linearity.

Nicola Brognano, born in Calabria but Milanese by adoption, he graduated in Fashion Design at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, then collaborating with notable names such as Giambattista Valli and Dolce & Gabbana. Founder in 2015 of his eponymous label, he is among the list of finalists, chosen of imminent contest Who is on Next? 2016, fashion scouting organized by AltaRoma in partnership with Vogue Italy.

In the collection Spring – Summer 2016 can be seen interwoven plots varied geography and years away, now here revitalized. Folk. fringed cascade: purple, red, white. Vain long skirt hungry of glances. Eccentricity by real star. Printed maxi dress, maze zig zag, no interchanges or ways out: white sheet designed by embedded, geometric shades.

Heavenly watercolor, delicate, dusty pastel played by a different idea of suits destroyer of a more distant vision of suit: the pajama style. Dressing gown jacket combined with  a timeless elegance of the palazzo pants.

Candor white splashed by a bold red for a dress with an oriental flavor. Color resumed even in a texture similar proposed but in a very different form, that of a semi bomber jackets in a romantic style and refined. Nicola Brognano creates contrasting harmonies born right there, where ever you would imagine. Unconnected elements. And then … instantaneous, perfect amalgam.

Giulia Fucile


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