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Cinema, a great ally of beauty, gives shape to the flow of time, enhancing its dynamism. On the screen, in fact, the image becomes motion and animation, just as the characteristic design of the Nicole Leòn bags embodies and evokes the idea of movement and transformability, giving life to ingenious pieces with a dual fit.

The soft lines of the models mark the perimeter of geometries and refined volumes that tell of a contemporary woman protagonist of her own destiny. Between contrasts and contrapositions reigns a balanced harmony, made of bright nuances as of neutral tones. Loaded with a multi-sensorial empathy, each piece, every detail goes beyond the form and its function. More than touch and beyond sight, they compose stories and reveal mute words, just like in a cinematographic work, in which every intrigue is caught by the witty eye of the woman behind the camera: Nicole Leonardi.

In art Nicole Leòn, the Milanese professor, costume designer and stylist, boasts remarkable experiences and achievements. Since childhood she breathes art in all its shades and meanings, starting right from her own house thanks to her great-uncle Emilio Vedova’s heritage, illustrious painter and engraver.

The stimuli are such as to lead her to obtain the Master’s Degree in Design for the Fashion System at the Politecnico di Milano, developing a thesis focused on multi-functional leather bags. This vision and combination of practicality, reversibility and attractiveness will be a key element present and attributable to the aesthetics of the brand.

Inspiration and Made in Italy craftsmanship let themselves be yearned in minimal and essential structures of bags to be discovered. Like the screenplay of the most compelling movie that leaves no room for stereotypes or clichés, Nicole’s designs, their exact angles and the outlines announced by a variety of muted or more disruptive colors, whisper discovery and wonder.

“You will be a snowflake that does not fall anywhere.” -From movie Nirvana by G. Salvatores

And among the accessories signed by Nicole Leòn, Nirvana can’t be let unspoken, the bag that becomes a backpack, the backpack that becomes a bag, as well as a perfect synonym of functional beauty. Versatile, refined, timeless: the material is transformed into artworks with a unique aftertaste. The classic calf, both in smooth and tumbled version, is the chosen one to give shape to models with a comfortable profile and street style, produced by the unmistakable Italian artistry.

Each piece is a character, a protagonist to whom to give voice with harmonic constructions of shapes and colors, distinguished by the essential and minimalist aesthetics that animates the brand.

Don’t resist the temptation: choose your Nicole Leòn bag!

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