Ob-Session of Day | color your summer with lime green!

on June 6, 2020 by Giulia Fucile Leave your thoughts

Acid, lively, brilliant. A real charge of color and energy for your wardrobe! Be inspired by… lime green!

We saw it (and immediately loved it) on our and non-local catwalks. Brightens colored skirts, blazers, suits, shoes and icon bags. Its (beautiful) presence certainly does not go unnoticed. So, are you ready? Follow our tips and find out how to wear lime green.

It can be worn alone, in plain colors or in combination with prints or color blocks. We have spotted them of all lengths but paired with the mini dresses is literally depopulating: take a look at the Avavav collection and its creations with romantic and bon ton cuts, lime green from clothes, to suits to blouses. Perfect if combined for a colorful look with Mia’s rounded headband and Amina Muaddi sandals.

It cuts the lengths and lights up Roni with color and elegance, with a suit with a contemporary design and tailored manufacturing while Vernisse mixes lime green between the beauty of prints and retro inspirations. If you love fantasies, you will certainly like Yojiro Kake turbans.

Do you prefer to dare with accessories? Combine your everyday look with the Veronica Parwin maxi bag, the geometries and contrasts of the versatile Brù Milano bag or the great Aru Milano sunglasses to impress from the first glance.

If you love lime green and mini bags, go for it: the glitter of the Benedetta Bruzziches cluth, the softness of the micro bucket with jewel fringes Les Petit Joueurs or the small iconic handbag of the same brand with jewel detail… the choice is yours!

Did you know that lime green is also a precious color? Wear it as a jewel! The sculpture rings by Silvia Guarnieri, the mini hoops by Carolina Ravarini that combines stones of different colors, the Cordien earrings that mix one of the most trendy combinations, orange and lime green.

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