Ob-Session of the Day | earrings, the jewels of summer!

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Small and many, mono and maxi, long pendants or extra large circles. They are brought as a couple and even different or alone, going out without … no thanks! In the right shapes they enhance the features, illuminate the face and elegantly complete the look.

The earrings are the most loved jewels of this summer and with the gathered hair they become a real touch of class! Find out what we have selected for you and let yourself be inspired by the precious design of these exclusive creations, all Made in Italy. Because… there is always a good reason to buy a new pair of earrings! Don’t you think?

With pearls, golden, colored or sparkling, the earrings of this summer 2020 certainly stand out. The circles or the female chandeliers are the most popular but for the most timid, do not worry: you can indulge yourself with small precious circles as Lil Milan does, Collanevrosi con i suoi tube dal design minimale, Aliita with its minimalist design tubes or Paola Grande Gioielli with lobe earrings and more. And why not even with a single leaf shaped earring Chio Jewelry Design.

They are literally depopulated, in all sizes and sizes. Hoop earrings are definitely the must for summer 2020. Or rather they continue to be so because for some seasons they have returned, never leaving trends and catwalks ever again. Which one do we suggest? The bright Barbara Biffoli, the exclusive Elisabetta Boitani, the wonderful hoop earrings by Leda Madera.

In fashion you know, everything returns. So in a twist between past and present in our jewelry box we cannot forget to keep chandelier earrings for this new season.

They move at our pace, shining with us. From the contemporary unique pieces handmade by My Zizi Jewels to the good retro taste of Vintouch, to the refined pendants created artfully by Elisabetta Boitani we have so much and beautiful of choice. But not only because if you are a lover of the most essential forms you can opt for Lil Milan or for the geometries of Collanevrosi.

Do you want something big? Perfect Leda Madera‘s black and gold clip earrings.

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