Ob-Session of the Day | feathers, the elegance of lightness

on May 9, 2020 by Giulia Fucile Leave your thoughts

Light, elegant but also so pretty. Once the only protagonists of the great soirée, feathers now become the favorite detail of daywear garments and accessories. A trend that stands out and that next is preparing to make our summer super glam.

Top, skirt, more or less long dresses, bags, shoes … lightness is laid on clothes, accessories and different styles wearing feathers. An unexpected detail that will make even the most minimal look exclusive: yes, because the challenge is to find the right combo, without exaggerating with the doses and with the plumage pieces.

From detail to trend, from haute couture to prêt-à-porter, feathers continue to make history in fashion. Paul Poiret’s evening gowns, the charm of the Belle Époque, the Charleston dancers, the scenographic, sensual, vaguely boudoir, have always been emblems of femininity.

They trim edges, move skirts, decorate sleeves and shoulders, triumph over shoes and bags. Black or colorful … feathers tous le jours! Because basically we all need lightness …

Seductive and romantic is the woman among the feathers of Mario Costantino Triolo, a name that sews with art in a single brand tailoring, glamor, fashion. And we also talk about feathers in the wonderful Greta Boldini creations:fuchsia detail in the maxi dress, orange cascade in the cocktail dress.

A romantic touch between the whiteness of white, the embroideries and decorations of Italo Marseglia, the hem with the feathers of the short 16R, knit dress is fun, elegant among the colors and transparencies of The B.  creations… feathers dress us with beauty, light-heartedness and let’s face it also with amusing vanity.

But you know. Every look needs the right accessories. So find out which ones we have selected for you. The traditional coffe is dressed in feathers with Pescepazzo, while the bag with gold chain Laura Fed explodes with feathers and femininity.

In combination with precious flashes in the sophisticated Lucia Merlo handbag, elegant and refined in the mules with heel A by Annabelle, large and protagonists in the My Golden Cage feathered maxi earrings. Long, unique, exclusive is the feather chosen by  Spira Mirabilis Gioielli for its single earring Viriditas (be) Light 4Fly perfect to match your summer looks.

Continue to take note because among our favorites there are also Susana Madrid shoes, with feathers of course, and the gritty  Black Dioniso sneakers.

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