Ob-Session of the Day | glitter, are you ready to shine?

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Brilliant total looks, sparkling bags and shoes, precious accessories… Fashion sparkles with glitter. Colored, gold, silver: make your outfits special and not only in the evening. In fact, they also mix with daily garments and pieces such as blazers or maxi bags. So, are you ready to live a glittery summer? For you, our exclusive selection, shining effect!

As already mentioned, you don’t need a super party to choose to wear the much-loved glitter. Daniele Niboli unites them with an original maxi shirt perfect for the day (on the cover), combined with jeans, or for your special occasions interprets them in a bright jumpsuit.

Pink, delicate and versatile as your days, the Barbara Casasola maxi dress (on cover) makes you with just one perfect garment. But it is not the only brand to choose pink:  Marco Bologna also dyes his glitter in the top, while Luce Studio uses pink but also gold for his wonderful glittered creations. And to shine on the beach, discover the collection of Oseree Swimwear!

Bold, enterprising, and contemporary is the woman dressed in glitter and skirt by Christian Pellizzari. Do you want to dare? Take a look at Alberto Audenino‘sparkling clothes for a wow effect.

Stardust and… glitter: Mario Costantino Triolo creates with his mini dress a real magic for a dream dress. In a twist between past and present Giuseppe Di Morabito illuminates the femininity of elegance and sensuality.

Accessories also want their part and their glitter. From the vanguard of the Emanuelle Veeto the dizzying heels of Francesca Bellavita, he shoes illuminate your looks with style. As well as bags; take a look at the colors and glitter by NC POP for a truly special accessory. And to finish in beauty, a sparkling Voodoo Jewels.

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