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Gloves : an accessory that more than any other manages to bring out the beauty and sensuality of a woman’s hands. Long, short, leather or lace, the glove are always a must for anyone who love elegance.
From Hollywood stars to rock queens of the 80s such as Madonna and Cindy Lauper, the gloves are an consolidated element of fashion. Legend has it that the goddess Venus, running in the woods of Mount Olympus, she fell putting her hands on a bush of thorns and she scratched her hands. The Graces, then, they sewed very thin bandages around her fingers and her palm so that the gauze adhere perfectly. Thus were born the gloves. In the history the gloves, as pure ornament, date back to the ancient Egyptians. While the Romans, harassed by the idea of convenience, they used these accessories mainly to protect your hands.
Here's how Msgm, L72, Marcobologna them interpret the use of gloves
Here’s how Msgm, L72, Marcobologna them interpret the use of gloves

From the ninth century, however, the glove becomes a wedding gift for women, and throughout the Middle Ages remain a  and thus a sign of prestige. The the binomial glove-femininity, then, is an ancient concept but still dominates the catwalks of some of the most famous designers. We show you how the emerging talents Msgm, Marcobologna e L72, interpret the use of gloves. From classic lines to models with eccentric and unusual details, lined, unlined, fur or silk in a huge variety of colors, the important thing is to dare!! A glove completely changes the intentions of our style and gives verve to dresses too classic or embellishing a more casual look, certainly, an added value to our personal style.

by Virginia Fontò

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