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Glaring, acid and irreverent in the most cheeky outfits, lit and bright in a glamorous version, severe, dark and composed in the sartorial cuts of impeccable outerwear: in the Fall/Winter 2019-20 the green is revealed under different faces, or rather different nuances, under new codes of reading and style, but one thing is certain … it reigns and will always reign supreme inside the wardrobe!

An autumnal imperative, feminine and authoritative at the same time, a never-passing …, a feuilles persistantes! The combinations are endless; let yourself be guided and inspired by our green proposals. Ever green.

Classical, a pass-par-tout is the nuance suggested by Munè, because in the end the myth of the tone sur tone has never abandoned us. With a monochromatic outfit certainly you can’t go wrong: the resoluteness of the olive green palazzo trousers is accompanied by the softness of the blouse that unexpectedly introduces a new must of 2019, the Guacamole green as defined by Pantone. Sumptuous and shiny, a winner when accentuated by cream and white. And speaking of monochrome, how not mentio Aru Eyewear, sunglasses, frames and lenses, green of course!

The feminine curves are praised and enhanced by the play of transparencies of My Pair Of Jeans which fervently announces the new couple of the year: green & purple, infallible. The brand does not remain a stranger to the call of prints, but rather makes our protagonist shine among many tints in the attractive shirt or in the white striped trousers; Sveta  instead makes it the star of an exclusive tartan jacket.

It is the bottle green, in its deepest hues, to bring out the sinuous and captivating beauty of the sophisticated but powerful woman Luce Studio, who dresses leather with a composed determination, from the gown to the trousers, while Plan C dyes with this  tonality a casual and everyday look.

And what about the accessories? From morning to evening as long as it is green! Comfort and beauty come together in the shopper bag by Barbara Giganti, rigorous and timeless in the shapes, in the 181,ankle boot, strong and daring, in the Nodaleto almost warrior-looking walking boot of a soft pistachio that has even the heel and in the cuissard by  Elvio Zanon that flaunts a forest green. But the hat also does not resist the trend: choose one (green!) Among the exclusive pieces by Antonella Morgillo.

In the wake of these notes of color, the precious ring by Anna Porcu, the sought-after Grace wooden bag by Fuscra, the elegant Lucia Merlo handbag that combines the femininity of feathers and the sparkle of silver in a single accessory.  

Do you want to make your look whimsical? Wear the fun Cordien earrings, kinda funky semi-circles that experiment with shapes and shades.

The evening lights up with … green: wrapped in an androgenic sensuality, the suit by Hebe Studio is a real statement that goes perfectly with the everlasting refinement of the slingback of  A By Annabelle or if you prefer the romantic Bionda Castana décolletés.

Autumn has arrived, the leaves let themselves be lulled by the wind, and he: hopeful, faithful, does not betray, does not envy, but dresses you, from head to toe! The green season has arrived, be ready.

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