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Tube skirts, slingback décolleté, well-made bows, silk, tweed, rigid handles of glamorous and retro handbags that swing on the wrist of contemporary women grooving to the beat of femininity. This and much (much, much more) was seen on the catwalks that preached and dressed with grace and with such beauty that style as if to say … a little bon ton, today renamed lady like.

More than a trend, an attitude. A composed, refined, polite attitude. Sometimes nostalgic, sometimes well-defined, it combines the charm of the past with the dynamism of the future. In a chaotic and sometimes confused era (colors, fashions and styles included), where more and more often it seems to be worth everything and the opposite of everything, the woman returns to a healthy good taste and to dictate (not follow!) her rules. With novelties. Bourgeois? Perhaps. Snob? That too. But certainly elegant, elegant lady like.

“Fashion passes but style remains”…

… said the great Coco Chanel. And she was right! After the prevailing streetwear, the sneakers worn with nonchalance at every event and now up to the maximalism of too much, the great classics return to bring order and to peek through in shows as in our wardrobe. To be updated…”with discretion”!

Tailored suits, cocktail dresses, pleated skirts, buttoned blouses, midi dresses … so, are you ready to discover all our lady-like proposals?

No lover of bon ton and of the typical “good girl” appearance gives up on a skirts and collars: from the colors to the vintage graphic elements of Parden’s, to the shirts and midi skirts of Rowen Rose, where the elegance of the 20s and the eccentricity from the 80s explode in a creative mix, up to the refined but aggressive woman The Al with a midi skirt by the soft, clean, flared lines everything speaks a single language, Lady like.

Tailored, balanced, harmonious…Miaoran dresses a woman with refined elegance and a confident posture, while Morfosis chooses to represent femininity by mixing the delicacy of pink powder with the clean cuts of a tailleur studied in details. Prints, bows, colors and designs are the ingredients of an exclusive Roi du Lac.

A real lady (lady like) can certainly not go out without a purse and jewelry (few and sophisticated). By style and principle. Finish your outfit with the vibrant Nico Giani bags, the vintage patterns by Ioanna Solea, the studied and architectural shapes of the Cult Gaia bags, the typically made in Italy beauty of the Villa Trentuno artisan pieces. And for jewelry? The inevitable pearls, such as the contemporary ones by Vu Elle, and gold, perfect when paired with dangling earrings like those by Arte Facta or Giorgia Panzironi.

When it comes to shoes, the matter becomes quite interesting. From super flat to extra centimeters, elegance reigns supreme and the trend multiplies by three. Velvet + sligback + lady like for the Una Sera ballerinas, velvet + gold + lady like for Lamperti Milano, maryjane + pvc + lady like for the Francesca Bellavita shoes.

Latest must have as a real lady like? Gran diva glasses, just like those signed by Aru, and a real bijoux hat: the Cadet model by Antonella Morgillo.

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