Ob-Session of the Day | fashion and its maxi shapes!

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Today’s inspiration looks at shapes, plays with maxi shapes. Very large bows, showy heels, xxl sleeves. From big bags to wide skirts, from Hollywood-style glasses to the elegance of hats, from clothing to accessories, exaggerate with volumes and choose maxi shapes. And even when it comes to clutch bags, the diktat does not change on the contrary: geometric, spacious, more or less flexible, they can be carried by the arm or folded in the large, super chic and ideal hands to give an accelerated style even to the most casual looks.

So are you ready to discover fashion in maxi format? Let yourself be inspired by our proposals and make your outfits unique from head to toe. So where to start if not from the hat…

Oversize …? Protect yourself with class and face your summer with the sophisticated wide-brimmed and soft hat with hand-embroidered stones by Antonella Morgillo: a touch of style to protect yourself from the sun and only increase the temperature of good taste.

And even the sunglasses do not escape the maxi shapes. For a great contemporary diva look what do you think of the FABBRICATORINO signed model? White will brighten your gaze even more. Do you prefer a metal frame? The made in Italy  Aru eyewear could then be right for you!

Showy, cheeky, square, puffy… it certainly cannot be said that the sleeves of the summer collections are not noticed. A few examples? The volumes of Antonio Martino‘s gritty coat, the romantic and modern elegance of the Circus Hotel, dress and top, the Darin Hachem shirts, Munè‘s tailoring.

But to be maxi are not only the sleeves but also the shapes of the garments themselves. Soft, sophisticated, they dress the body leaving it free, enhancing it without constraints. Take a look at Ellementi jumpsuit, a single garment to be perfect on many different occasions. Can’t resist the sporty chic style? We suggest the maxi chemisier or the rainbow dress by LĀU.

Details make the difference but if they are maxi they will make it even more. Choose the maxi collar of the Darin Hachem shirt or the maxi bows of the eco friendly Bav Tailor garments and you will not be wrong. What about shoes? Large and geometric heels, très chic if ball-like those of Maiorano.

The maxi shapes don’t stop there. Even bags and accessories certainly don’t go unnoticed. The Stkreo bangles, in ennobled leather and transformed from scrap to jewel, the corsets and ornaments of 0770, the jeweled hat of Vittorio Ceccoli for an extra precious item, the handbag with wooden handle Maison Dressage or the multifunctionality of the essential creations and sophisticated La Débraillée.

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