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Ob-Session of the day | red passion

Red Passion, Red Fashion! Lacquer, ruby or carmine. Intense like fire, regal like scarlet or why not, dark like burgundy. In all shades and nuances, from lipstick to the strong boots, red warmed passion even our closets.

Haute couture and street style, printed and plain, total look and accessories. For Spring Summer 2018, other than red carpet, red runway! And if Valentino created a nuance of his own, Vera Wang signed us the brides, today the red lights up again, so as not to go unnoticed! The interpretation of  Daizy Shely is in bloom that fills flounces, shirts and funny dresses with embroidered and refined bouquets.

More determined and more heated is the red coral Quattromani with cuts and shapes that dare they discover a new femininity, combined with perfect circles Seventy or the  Veronica Caffarelli earrings. Bon ton version is the red of the buttoned chemisier Cettina Bucca, to be alternated with the maxi skirt and the fancy of the jacket with such a vintage and delicate style. Playful and a little ‘girl is the woman in red  10X10 an italian theory that gives a nod to a fashion with retro lines and good Italian taste with midì skirts, ruches and flared dresses in vichy print.

Fluid and graceful are the looks signed by Domenico Cioffi  completely in red, or almost. And even the accessories certainly could not be tempted by the color of passion, including glasses. Choose the futurism of thee Pawaka geometric lines and conquer all at first glance! In fixed for the bag? Have fun changing bag and red whenever you want: wood by Francesca Torsi, contemporary buckets and sophisticated handbags by  Elena Ghisellini, minimal elegance from Avanblanc.

Mix them to  Giulia Boccafogli ‘s leather collars and innovative jewels for a sophisticated look! And if the shoes make you beat your heart you can not miss the dizzying heights of  Lodovico Zordanazzo with pumps with metallic heels and sandals absolutely exclusive, the fine work of Luisa Tratzi, the romantic handmade ballerina shoes of the Italian brand Mia Moltrasio.

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