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Cowgirl Texans, original sneakers to keep up with the times, precious sandals for sparkling evenings… What are the shoes to focus on this summer? Read this news and find out with us!

Never as for shoes is it important to be inspired by color, beauty and design without forgetting quality. “Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world,” said the famous Marilyn Monroe rightly. And why on earth contradict it? They give the looks an extra gear, sometimes saving it and destroying it. They take us far (even with style), they help us in bearing and often give us a few centimeters more. And if you think that Carrie Bradshaw also received a royal blue silk Manolo Blanik with a jewel buckle instead of a ring… there will be a reason!

So are you ready to discover the shoe models to bet on? We have selected exclusive cult models for you to use this season and beyond. Unique pieces of refined emerging brands all made in Italy, must haves that will make your look even more special!


For all tastes and all heights, the slingbacks are back in the latest collections. From casual and flat versions to half sizes renamed by kitten heels trends or dizzying variants for those who are not afraid to dare, slingbacks have always been a guarantee of style. A touch of class combined with jeans, very trendy with maxi dresses, cheeky with mini… The slingbacks are light as a sandal but comfortable as a dancer, go down in history with the famous Coco Chanel in a two-tone version with a black tip. And from there they went a long way. Which sling back do you recommend? The elegant pastel shades of  Thread Milan, the iconic Mia Moltrasio with bow, a charge of color with the Emanuélle Vee that double the trend (slingback + kitten heels).


We really saw them at the feet of everyone, including the duchesses and princesses. Sneakers continue to be the first choice, especially in a chuncky version, with a thick sole, or in classic tennis shoes. With a great return of the lady like style in women’s fashion, sneakers have not lost the pace with fashion and the catwalks but have tried to stand out with details, colors, metallic textures. Perfect if combined with light clothes or chic outfits to create interesting style combinations. Which sneakers have we selected for you? The colorful and high 7 AM, the sparkling glitter of the P448, the bright of Noova with gold detail.


Lace up… your sandals! Last summer they slowly started to get noticed until they are now among the must-haves of the summer. Both flat and with heel, preferably medium, depopulate in metallic tones and bright colors, in white, in pink. They intertwine the foot with strips or bands, enhancing your looks with femininity. Choose the romantic pink Gia Couture Firenze sandals (on the cover) with a very trendy square toe, the white The Attico or the elegance of the Aeyde shoes.


Among the shoes to bet on for the summer and not only there are them, the Texans. There are those who love them (a lot) and those who hate them (a lot) but one thing is certain they have a unique charm. These famous boots are back in vogue in different shades and leathers, daring with unusual colors and details, mixed not only in a more classic country style but in combos with light fabrics, romantic garments and glamorous dresses. Between (models) ups and downs… Curious to discover our selection? Do not miss: the Texan green by Elena Iachi, the “stellar” Francesca Bellavita if you love the tallest boot, the evergreen cognac of Elvio Zanon.


If in the “sabot” version we have already approved and purchased them, this summer the mules also open in front becoming real sandals. To be worn on the fly and not taken off anymore, the mules take us back to the ’90s. Perfect with ankle jeans, with light and printed maxi dresses but also with high-waisted tailored trousers: are you ready to try them on? To put on your wishlist: the Benedetta Boroli mules sandals with a single large white band and sculpture heel, the sensual red and transparent Amina Muaddi shoes, the precious and tres chic mules sandals with maxi flower by Marco Proietti.

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