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Oversized and retro, but also squared and decisive in the lines, the spring summer 2020 sunglasses look to the past creating the future. And not only in the shapes but also in those details that are by no means small and trivial that make them more and more exclusive, such as the famous chain that has passed in the blink of an eye from an accessory of the grandmother to a must have to show off: Huma Sunglasses mixes original frames with chain of stones, pearls, precious details.

So loved by the great divas to hide or just to make themselves even more intriguing, sunglasses are a weapon of style and seduction. Maxi, rectangular, mask, round, bold, black or colored… The new season’s eyewear opens the view on models that are certainly not afraid to be seen. Are you curious to discover them or rather see them all?

But let’s start with them who made history and…view: cat-eyes. The renowned cat’s eyes have long been the chosen ones of the stars and not only, starting from Audrey Hepburn who with Breakfast at Tiffany’s made them a real evergreen capable still today of dictating fashion and trends, confirming itself as synonymous with elegance just like those signed  Aru Eyewear.

And among the cult pieces we cannot fail to mention the tortoiseshell glasses that have been chosen for formal occasions since the 70s but also for more casual ones, such as the  Carla Color rounds or the elegant The Bespoke Dudes Everywear.

Mirror of our personality, the glasses not only protect us from the sun but offer us the possibility to personalize and make our look even more unique. Do you want one or even more examples?

From the refined models designed by Soya, a true mix of style and avant-garde, to the iconic Rewop Milano that conquers at first glance, to the pink or total black glamor of Carla Color or the eco-sustainability of the genderless o all’eco sostenibilità delle montature genderless Ferilli Eyewear frames made of fig fiber prickly pear made in Puglia.

Do you love rectangular shapes? Take a peek at Zeroundici Eyewear, creations, the new and determined Italian brand that looks straight ahead.

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