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Fashion has had for quite some time a new secret ingredient, which has revolutionized style not only for aesthetics but also for substance. A material that, yes it is true, in bags, shoes or accessories, well, you really wouldn’t expect to find! And instead. What are we talking about? The… wood!

Something has changed in thinking and making brands. Research, experimentation and awareness have led historic labels as much as the youngest designers to act responsibly towards society and the environment. And to use eco-friendly, new, unpublished materials for the fashion world. Like wood, in fact.

A simple, versatile and eco-sustainable raw material that has become synonymous with luxury and high quality over the last few years. Besides being an essential feature of various brands that have made its use an integral part of their identity.

Bags, shoes, watches, glasses, jewels … with wood it seems to be possible to do (and do well) a lot. A friend of sustainability, recycling and an increasingly green future, it is reinterpreted with ingenuity and creativity every day by more and more brands. Which? Read on and find out with us …

Ab-aeterno, a promise (maintained) of style and value. High value, eco-innovative. This young brand, entirely made in Italy, makes our time even more precious, marking it with its wooden watches with attractive lines and artisanal essence. An example, a beautiful example of a broad-minded label that looks at a circular economy and up-cycling. Both for him and her, Ab-aeterno is certainly the best choice if you are looking for something functional that makes the difference in design and quality.

Another accessory, another brand. But always wood!Prosac Alwaysmile personalizes your outfit and raises the bar of your style with bow ties made by combining in their bow the artisan savoir-faire with the latest 3D laser technologies. A winning combo, a great classic now seen and worn with avant-garde and contemporary. And what about shoes? Ellen Verbeek, a name with a strong personality that stands out for its models and its… wooden heels!

Maxi, mini, by hand, over the shoulder … and so on and so forth. Wood. The bag is certainly one of those accessories that most experiments and plays with this versatile texture and its infinite natural shades (and veins). The delicious Macaron in pink birch or the Special Tanganika clutch both signed Woobag, the small architectural and elegant treasures chests of Virginia Severini, the sophisticated lines of the “natural beauty” of the Fuscra creations, the cleanliness and refinement of Maison Dressage or the refined minimalism of Embawo: you too choose your wood bag and make your looks more eco-chic!

Wood becomes precious and becomes… a jewel. The goldsmith tradition, the daring and the handmade in Italy craftsmanship meet in the unique pieces of Roberta Risolo, made from joinery waste and embellished with pearls, stones, metals. Real works of contemporary art. And always about art (and wood) we talk with Emanuele Leonardi and his “Risk Assessment”.

Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of wearing a material like this, let yourself be inspired by a new way of understanding and seeing things: starting with the glasses iwood. Resistant, flexible, different.

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