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A name, a brand, a workshop, Officina Nalin. A creative space where art, design and fashion meet and sew together. Well, together.

The young and emerging Officina Nalin brand was born from the passion and professionalism of the illustrator and designer Susanna Spelta. With strength and determination, the founder transformed her idea into a real and concrete project. A clothing and accessories brand, carried out every day by an all-female team.

The quality of the fabrics, the choice of precious yarns and the handmade workmanship add an extra edge to the shapes and aesthetics of Officina Nalin creations. That substance that makes the difference.

Respecting the environment and people, the 100% made in Italy label with art and originality adds a touch of color and design to the women’s wardrobe. Handcrafted, the pieces signed by Officina Nalin are destined to last over time. The territory and local traditions live in creations designed for a contemporary woman. A bohemian personality, curious and always looking for something unique.

Susanna Spelta has brought and dedicated her whole heart to her brand, her soul made of nature and many different shades. She began her training as an illustrator in Milan, followed by important experiences and collaborations with famous publishing houses and well-known fashion brands. And then the move to Tuscany, where she founds her brand.

In Officina Nalin research, color, emotion, art and creativity coexist. From the beauty of the turbans to the softness of the capes, from the fantasy of the prints to the delicacy of pastel tones. Each creation is different from the other but all have a common trait and style. Which is found, which is read, which is recognized in the works of Officina Nalin. So what are you waiting for? Discover the brand!

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