OUIGAL | the shoes made in Italy by the international charm

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The refined French taste, the Californian easy-sport style and the Made in Italy craftsmanship are combined together in the exclusive Ouigal shoe brand.

The name, Ouigal is a neologism, born from the word Oui, as yes in French and Gal, a Californian slang for the word girl. The “She Ouigal” says yes to light-heartedness, yes to letting go, yes to the spotlights aimed at herself, yes to living her own tender naivety without having to wear someone else’s shoes … Keeping her own pace!

The brand offers models that speak for themselves: geometric cuts, metal details, shaped heels, straps, internal zips and again laminated inserts or bold color choices describe a strong personality with a naive gaze.

The Ouigal shoes respond with beauty and functionality to the most demanding and fearful woman of the heel as much as she who, self-confident, makes each of her outfits a combination of style. The different pieces are rich in elements and details that make the difference: the color block, the decorative buckles, the shaped stars, the crossed bands have fun with art and with joy to characterize really exclusive shoes.

The soul of the brand is shaped and runs through the most varied forms, giving life to a line that is anything but boring. Ankle boots, pumps, ballerinas, clogs, cuissard boots, and even the heel its self, the undisputed star. A sculpture that blends design, practicality and inches of femininity.

The Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Ouigal collection, which bears the signature of designer Martina Ferri Fiaggioli, combines comfort and personality in every piece. Lunatic, this is the name of the new capsule. The dark, very dark colors evoke the night, the silence that floods the mind when observing the starry sky. A prime example of this is the Febe shoe in the night black color, a seductive boot with internal zip and metal details.

The capsule looks just like the moon, she who does not knock, she who shines with a seducing look in the dreamer’s gaze of the beholder, and in front of her eyes she transforms, giving different and new versions of herself every day. The collection looks just like the moon, she who does not knock, she who shines with a seducing look in the dreamy gaze of the observer, and in front of his eyes, she transforms, giving different and new versions of herself every day.

Indeed, the pieces range from the most delicate colors such as cream, sky-blue powder, beige to the warmest shades of nature such as olive green and brown, reaching the exuberance of scarlet red or the brightness of silver.

Beauty is an attitude: say Yes, Yes Ouigal! For info & contacts www.ouigal.com

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